Low blood level

I went in for my prenatal care yesterday and my blood pressure was still a little low. I had to get my blood drawn and today I heard back from them and I was a 28 instead of a 37 which is normal and 28 is not. They scheduled an appointment for me for tomorrow to draw more blood from me and I cannot eat anything after midnight before the appointment. I am probably going to almost pass out again like I had for my glucose test and I had to rest of the bed in the doctor’s room. I don’t know if it will mean I might have to have my baby early if my blood level stays low.

My husband found out about it because I posted it on Facebook and his mom called and then he asked me about it. Now he is worried about me and said I wasn’t eating even though I am. He thinks I am not eating enough. So far I have gained 15 lbs. 17 lbs in the doctor’s office.


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