Plumber won’t be here this Friday

My husband got a call from the plumber and he won’t be in until Monday due to an emergency. So more days in disposables and my son has done good keeping his pants and underwear clean and dry. I know there is always the laundromat. To my husband this is nothing because he has been through worse because he grew up poor. They have went without water and electricity, had to go to laundromats a lot. To me this “nothing” is stressful. I have a lot of clothes so they will last me longer than a week and I can always hand wash and then hang dry them on the towel rack and then throw in the dryer like I did with my diapers. Oh yeah someone told me on Dailydiapers washing adult diapers is a pain because it’s like washing a towel but washing baby diapers is easy because they are so small. They are easy to rinse and wash and less fabric.

Today is hot out so I have the fan blowing. I am sitting here naked in a robe and have a Molicare on and swim bottoms over it and have on socks and slippers watching Dr. Phil while my husband is watching our son and taking care of him. I had him all morning and I was tired and not feeling well. I was having hot flashes due to it being hot out so I turned on the fan, I am having some contractions, my upper legs and buttocks are sore, I am tired due to not enough sleep (sleeping issues), my son whining and not listening, and add that all up, what does that do to me? So finally he took him off my hands after I flipped out about unexpected expenses. My mom told me we were paying for part of the plumbing but she didn’t say anything else about other expenses so I flipped out and got stressed out over money. I felt lied to because of it. I am also on maternity leave and I wanted to do six weeks but I was told to do twelve. I am supposed to get some money every week while on it when the baby comes. I still have the paper for it my doctors need to fill out when it happens.

Ugh, I should keep a bottle of water with me because I keep getting thirsty.

Weird encounter with a stranger

This evening I went for my walk while my husband put our son to bed. I was walking and then some cute man approached me saying “excuse me” and then told me I looked very sexy and he said something else but I couldn’t hear because of the traffic noise. He also asked me if I had posed and I said no and kept on walking. I noticed he said nothing else so I turned and looked and saw he was walking the other way. I thought it was so weird. So he ran up to me just to tell me how good I looked and to ask me if i had posed and then turn the other way.

Then as I was passing by the elementary school that is close to our house, I heard a voice again and it was that same man again in his nice Ford Explorer in the school parking lot. He complimented me again on my body and asked me if I would like to make some money posing and I told him I was not interested. My husband would probably find that as cheating anyway if I did that. He told me he would like to see more of me because I look so hot. I told him maybe there is another woman out there who will be interested and then he apologized for offending me. I wasn’t offended, I just was not interested in posing. He didn’t pressure me or nothing. If he didn’t take no for an answer, I then would have told him I am married and I don’t think my husband would want me doing that.

I don’t know what his intentions were like was he some scout looking for women to pose or was he some predator or could he have been someone who is out looking for a baby to cut from a mother’s stomach for someone. All I know is he could have been hired to do it and I wouldn’t know, or did he want to pay me personally to pose for him? He didn’t even hand me a business card so I have no way of knowing if he is genuine or just some creep looking to pray on someone vulnerable. I know for a fact to never trust a stranger. I wouldn’t even get in a car with one or go somewhere alone with them. He could just be a rapist.

Then I got home and had a cinnamon roll and a turnover my parents bought and went in the basement to ask my husband about posing. I asked him if it would be cheating if I earned money by posing and he said yes. Just as I thought. he asked me why would I want to do that and I told him because we could use some extra money and he said he only wants me for himself and he doesn’t want anyone seeing me naked. He also told me “besides you’re pregnant” and I said “so” and he said they could go all over the internet and I only get paid once for it. I think some pregnant bodies are sexy if the woman is thin and her belly is free of stretch marks.

So it was nice being approached by a guy but I don’t know if he was safe or not and what his intentions were and I was on my walk so I didn’t want to be interrupted anyway and pulled from it and I know my husband would not appreciate me posing for others just as I suspected. I wonder if that guy would have been still interested if he discovered I wore diapers. If he had some agenda like he wanted my baby or wanted to see my body and didn’t really care or he just wanted sex, he wouldn’t care about the diaper.

Washing Diapers

The plumber won’t be here until Friday and it’s not good for the diapers to sit saturated for more than a few days so I had to wash them by hand and it’s time consuming. I first put them in the tub and soaked them in hot water filling the tub up. Then I let the water out and started to wash my pocket diapers one at a time. I used scalding hot water and used laundry soap and put it in the bucket I use as my diaper pail and let it sit for a few minutes. Then I started to rinse it out using warm water and kept on rinsing it until I didn’t see anymore suds. I did the same with the other one too and hung them. Then I emptied the bucket out and put in clean water and put in more laundry soap and put in the soakers next and left them sitting there. Then when the diapers were done dripping and done being soaking wet, I put them in the dryer. Then I washed the soakers next rinsing them out and hanging them up to try using the towel rack in the tub and using the platform thing we use that goes across the tub to keep our son’s toys on. I just lied the soakers across it and then soaked more soakers in the bucket. I did use a long plastic pipe and used it to stir the soakers in it and pushing them down in it to clean them so I am not using my bare hands because the water is so hot. This took me all day to do it and it’s so time consuming. My son kept bothering me and I had to kick him out of the bathroom and then I had a phone call about my health insurance and the lady asked me some questions. I had to put my son in his room and close the door because I couldn’t focus on him and the phone at once and I didn’t want to be yelling at him like I was before while washing the diapers because he was not listening to me. I didn’t want him near the tub or in it because of the diapers and he can open doors now and I don’t know how to lock the door (it’s an old house so the lock is original too) so I couldn’t lock him out. He did eventually listen when I threatened to kick him out of the bathroom if he doesn’t obey me. I don’t see how I would even have time to do with with a new baby so that is why washing them is a pain in the butt. Too time consuming. I did move the soakers to the dryer and hung up the others and then moved them to the basement and washed the other three diapers and hung them to dry. Then I left the last one soaking in the bucket. Then my mom came home and I had to rinse out the last diaper and that took longer because there seemed to be never ending suds and then I hung that diaper up to dry. Now they are still on the towel rack and I will move them to the basement soon to dry them and then no more using cloth diapers until the plumber fixes the pipe i the basement and has hooked up the new laundry sink my dad got.

Washing them is a pain in the butt. I don’t know how mothers did it the before WWII. Diaper services started during that time to save mothers time because they were housewives and took care of their kids and home while their husbands were at war. Then it ended and we kept the diaper services because it made it more convenient for moms. But we have washing machines now so that makes it easier. They had them back during WWII and I used cloth on my son and I still don’t get how time consuming it is to wash them by machine. It takes no more than a few minutes to dump the diapers in the wash and turning it on and putting in the soap. Then you just leave it. It doesn’t take long to rinse out a diaper in the toilet and we used a diaper sprayer to get the mess off. Then I would dump it in the pail. it takes no more than a few seconds to take the diapers out of the wash and putting them in the dryer and letting them dry. You just leave it. I plan on using cloth again with my daughter.

No laundry for a few days

This sucks. I was informed the plumber was going to fix our sink in the basement and he came today but instead he worked on our shower and fixed it. Hopefully the leaking will stop now. I was going to shower but we have to wait for the caulk to dry. I heard the plumber will be back tomorrow or Wednesday so I asked my dad about it because I heard two different things and he said end of this week, Friday. Just great. No cloth diapers and I will just have to rinse them out in the tub tomorrow and try and hand wash them and not wear them until the plumber gets back and fixes the basement. My dad got a new laundry sink because the one we had was cracked and then it stopped draining so we had the water pour on the floor to go down the drain we have that us on the ground. My mom told me last night to not do any laundry because the plumber will be here the next day and my dad says I can still do laundry but my mom doesn’t want any done because she doesn’t like water getting on the floor. It’s back to disposables now for a few days. The only stressful thing about it is my son still won’t poop in the potty but the natural consequence would be he gets no under pants since he dirtied them all and if he dirtied his sleepers and his pajamas bottoms and his other pants and he runs out before the plumber gets here, he has no clean pants to wear. He will be upset about not wearing any pants and not being able to go anywhere but that is what happens when he refused to go in the potty and gets his pants all dirty from it. Plus I have blankets I need to wash because dust and stuff got all over them from when the plumber had to cut open the wall and cut inside there to fix the plumbing. I even just discovered my son’s handmade baby blanket needs washing too but I will toss it in the dirty pile when the plumbing gets fixed. I hate the thought of dirty clothes getting all piled up and we can’t wash them. I could hand wash but it’s too time consuming and we have no dry rack. Who know, maybe this will get my son to poop in the potty instead of holding it after learning he couldn’t wear his big boy underwear and running out of pajama bottoms and sleepers and pants because he got them all dirty. Or I might just get so desperate and do the stinking laundry because the dirty clothes piles are driving me crazy and the fact my wet diapers would be sitting in the pail for a few days which is bad for the diapers. My mom would be at work so how is she going to even know? I would just have to remember to go to the basement to check on it to see if they are done so I can put a new load in.

Oh yeah my dad was going to plant trees and then he remembered he wouldn’t be able to shower so he didn’t get it done.

Parent Martyrdom does not impress me

This is another one of my politically incorrect opinions and unpopular.

I think it’s stupid to not get medical attention because you don’t want to be away from your kids. I read an article here

and the 29 year old mother died leaving behind seven children and her husband. Now they are left without a mother and the father is left as a single father. I feel sorry for him and the kids but the thought of parents having to be martyrs and people thinking you have to harm yourself to care for your kids is stupid and when a parent does seek medical help leaving their kids in care of someone else like with their grandparents or friend or neighbor or whoever, that parent gets judged for it. When my husband badly hurt his back, he was not getting better, I was under lot of pressure and wasn’t doing good either so my parents helped us out by coming out here to get him and bringing him back to Montana. Yeah we got judged for that and one man accused us of handing him off to someone until things are better saying you don’t do that as a parent and he said he would cry if he had to be away from his son for a night in the hospital. My mom says to that those people do not love their kids enough. Please note, lot of these people were not parents and only two of them were. So yeah I judge people harshly who play the martyr and neglect their own health just because they don’t want to be away from their kids. But don’t they ever think about their life and if it’s better their kids go without a parent?

So to all the parents out there, if you are in need of medical treatment and you are refusing to go to the hospital because your excuse is you have to take care of your kids and you won’t leave them in care of someone else or even let your partner watch them because you don’t want to be away from them, you’re an idiot. The only exception is if you had no one to help you out so you were forced to neglect your health, then I will feel sorry for you. You judge me for letting my parents come and have our kid for a while, I will judge you for not “handing” your kid off to someone until you are better.



sometimes I think I am not over my past relationships. Every time something reminds me of my ex, I get these strong feelings again and flashbacks. My husband is the sort of person where when he gets an idea in his head, he has to do it now and it’s hard for me because it reminds me of *Harry. Harry was someone who would get an idea in his head and would have to do it now and not be able to relax so he would keep bothering you until it got done and it would drive me into having anxiety. Mom told me my husband is nothing like him so don’t even compare him to him and I kept saying sorry but every time someone shares the same personalty characteristics as my ex, it brings back memories and I don’t like it. I don’t like being reminded about it. Mom told me we all want to do things now when we get an idea in our head but the difference is we don’t impose it on other people like he did. When my husband wants to do things now, he gives me a warning and he will go grocery shopping alone and ask me to come pick him up and then he calls me to tell me. He tells me all this before it does it so I have time to prepare for it instead of just dumping it on me and I get all stressed out.

Dr. Phil

I love watching that show. I don’t always agree with what he says and he can be harsh because he is not PC but other times he is so understanding and says things that are so right like the time he told Amy and her husband from Kitchen Nightmares about if they keep getting upset about the negative comments posted online, they are winning.

But the show that aired yesterday was about this couple trying to adopt and they were so desperate for a baby, they posted an ad on Craigslist about wanting to adopt and this one lady named Denette contacted them. She was pregnant duet o being raped she said and the rapist was behind bars for it. They kept in touch for months and Denette showed photos to Max and Monica and then she was supposed to fly to their area to have the baby there but instead she went into early labor and had a girl and ended up with twins. The girl weighed nine lbs and the boy weighed only two pounds. My mom knew it was all BS and it didn’t add up. I thought the couple were crazy for spending $40,000 getting ready for their babies. They bought a new house, a new car, bought fancy baby gear, bought a bunch of baby clothes and they had more stuff than I have for my new baby. It was mostly Monica that did it all. I thought they must be rich to afford such a nice nursery and have that big of wardrobe and buying a new home and car but they said they weren’t wealthy. Did they put themselves into debt? Also if they can’t afford an adoption, how on earth could they spend $40,000?

So when she had the twins in the hospital, the rapist got out of jail and wanted custody over them so he was going to court and the babies were held in custody and Monica and Max were still waiting to get them and it had been two months after they were born and they were on the show finally about it.

I did feel sorry for this couple because they were scammed and Denette didn’t ask them for any money and they never sent her any but they did spend their own money getting ready for these babies. I also felt a little sorry for Denette because she had a dysfunctional life so she was lonely and she wanted a friend so she made it all up that she was pregnant. But the lie grew and grew and she didn’t know how to tell them she wasn’t pregnant so she started making up stories like cancer and the daughter having possible autism, having an extra baby, so they wouldn’t want the baby anymore but these couple still wanted to go with the adoption. But but but, if Denette wanted a friend so bad, why didn’t she just join a forum or something? Even Monica said why didn’t she just join Facebook. All this woman said was she was sorry but she acted like it was no big deal what she did. I don’t think she really gets it. The pain she put this couple through and how she got them excited for the baby and then a son that don’t even exist and then to find out they were made up. Sure she didn’t make them spend their money on getting ready for them but she led them on and she had the power to stop it any time and a lot sooner before it got this far. All she had to do was confess saying she made it all up and she isn’t pregnant and she just wanted attention because she is lonely and wants a friend and the couple wouldn’t have wasted all their money and time. I am sure they would have still been disappointed but at least they wouldn’t be hurt and devastated like they had lost their babies and money wouldn’t have been wasted. It took her to get on the show just to confess it and she was angry at them about it. Then she didn’t want Max to yell at her about it and I thought “Are you kidding me?” I just don’t think she gets it and Dr. Phil said she needed help and will give it to her. As for the couple, they will get a baby after all and Dr. Phil will pay for the adoption. Some guy was there in the audience from the Adoption Agency founded in 1959 and he said they will waive the adoption fees and get them a baby for them to adopt. I felt happy for them. I looked on Facebook about the TV show and I don’t agree about Denette should be in jail. She didn’t really break he law because she didn’t involve any money but what she did was abhorrent and not healthy and I thought what she did was very selfish. I also thought it was foolish to try and adopt outside the agency so some people were saying on Facebook they deserved it and it was their fault and others were saying both of them were wrong. I thought Monica went overboard with the baby stuff because they grow so fast so they don’t need so much clothes. They won’t be able to wear half of them because they will outgrow them before they could wear it and that is what happens when parents have so many baby clothes. Yeah they are cute so it can be tempting to keep buying buying buying and what stops me from doing it is money. I already think I have enough newborn and 0-3 month girl clothes so I quit buying them. I can just wash them when I run low on them and will be doing laundry more often. With my son, I had so much baby clothes, I could go a month without washing any and they do go through several outfits a day because they spit up. Most of them were given to me so that was why I had so much. I just made sure he wore a different outfit every day so he could get the chance to wear them them before he grows out of them. I will do the same with my daughter too.

I know how it feels to want a baby so bad and how it feels to lose one because I have had a miscarriage so I can imagine what it must be like to have a stillborn or lose one in the middle of your pregnancy or when the birth mother decides to keep her baby and when you find out the whole adoption thing was a scam. It is like losing a baby when the birth mom decides to keep it or when it was all a scam. I have also seen a movie about a adoption scam thing. This couple was pregnant and they had a one year old with Down’s syndrome and the mother was pregnant. They were putting the baby up for an adoption so this couple who was going to adopt it, they were truly scammed out of money because the couple would ask for money and so the couple who was going to adopt their baby would write them checks to help them out. Then the mother has her baby and the couple arrive at the hotel to pick their baby up only to find them gone. It turns out someone else was going to adopt their baby too and they were also victims of a scam. I forget how the movie goes and it was a movie I saw back in high school. I don’t remember what it was called and I remember the mom’s name was Leanne. They had used their unborn child to get money by pretending to put it up for an adoption. That is why you use agencies than trying to do it personal.

Baby Shower

I feel I have a lot to write but it’s all different subjects,

Today was the baby shower and it turned out well and it was better than the last one I had for my son when my aunt hosted it. This time it was my mother that did and she told me on Easter it was this Saturday so I got on Facebook and posted the private event and invited five people, my aunt, my sister in law and mother in law, my old friend’s mother and grandmother. My mom invited my common sister in law and my husband invited someone who is a friend of his parents. Only four couldn’t make it. The friend’s grandmother couldn’t make it because of steps we have and I offered to have it outside but she didn’t want to come so she didn’t. My mother in law fell last night and hurt her foot so she couldn’t make it, the friend of my husband’s parents didn’t come for some reason and my common sister in law had school and had to work. But everyone else showed up and my old friend came and she brought her kids along and my niece came too with my sister in law. My husband was going to take our son out while we had the shower but plans changed when the friend brought her kids. I was expecting she would bring her baby because she is breast feeding and I was hoping she would bring her kids too and she did. ll the kids played and had fun and it got my husband to clean his room in the basement so the kids could play video games in there. They also played outside on the swing set and played with my son’s dump trucks. My husband was worried about the older boy playing rough but out son is rough so him playing with bigger kids is good for him. The friend’s kids are four and seven and two months. The two month old stayed with his mother the whole time because he is a baby. My nephew is afraid of his cousin (my son) because he tends to get rough when he plays.

My mom got stuff from The Dollar Tree for the shower and she set it all up this morning and made food and she had bought a small cake that was rectangular and it was very rich. It had lot of frosting and filling and jelly in the middle. We also cleaned but my mom did most of the work.

We also played games and my aunt won because she wrote down more lines to the Nursery Rhyme lyrics and I only wrote one line because that is what the instructions said. But I didn’t care because I didn’t need chocolate and that was the prize my aunt won. We also did the Baby Pool and the name matching game for the meaning of the names. I also ate a shit load of food and I didn’t even know I was that hungry and I can’t believe I ate so much given how small my stomach is now because of the baby. But then I felt sick afterwards like I was going to throw up and now I am feeling constipated. I shouldn’t have eaten so much food. I also opened the gifts and liked all the presents. I got a pack of diapers and lot of clothes, two pacifiers, ointment cream, photo frame, spoons and forks, wipes, socks, hat, receiving blankets, crib bumper, and then my common sister in law showed up after all the games had been played and presents being opened and she came with a big laundry hamper and it had gifts in it and hey had two pictures, hooded towel, stickers to put on the wall, shoes,, clothes, crib sheets, and she only stayed for a few minutes because she wanted to be home with her kids and my brother had been up with them all night and she had been gone all day and she wanted to be home with them.

Almost all the food had been eaten up because when I was cleaning the kitchen and clearing the dining room table, I scooped the rest of the food in the container and put it in the fridge and put the dirty dishes in the sink. I also put other dirty dishes in the dishwasher and scooped table scraps in the small compost bin and rinsed off the plates and my husband expected me to sit down and rest but I wanted to clean up because my mom did all the cooking so I wanted to do my share and it was to give me some activity to do to be active. I also gave my son’s old baby clothes to my old friend but sadly he wanted his Cars shoes and my mom said he was not ready to give them up and we told him they were too small but we let him keep them. They didn’t take the toddler clothes though due to limited room in their car but it was three bags of them and a whole Huggies box of them. It felt good to give them away. My mom was surprised I cleaned the kitchen for her and it wasn’t much because there wasn’t lot of food cooked or made and we didn’t have lot of dirty dishes. My son was upset the kids were leaving so I let him say good bye to them and he was upset when he had to stop playing with them because he pooped his pants so my husband brought him inside and cleaned him up upstairs and put cleaned clothes on him and by the time they were done, the kids were leaving. I saw it as a punishment for him, a natural consequence, so we didn’t even need to punish him for pooping his pants. He refuses to go #2 in the potty. We were talking about that during the baby shower and my mom said how hard I was to train until I saw the mess my brother made in his diaper and I thought it was gross and bam I was toilet trained within three days. My old friend said her son was not trained until he was nearly four but yet her daughter was out of them at 22 months. Mom was given suggestions like keeping our son in his pooy pants and she said we all tried that and it didn’t work. He is just stubborn. When he pooped his pants again after everyone left, it went down his legs (he had no underwear on) and it was on the floor so I made him pick it up and he said “ew” and I told him it’s his mess, he made it, he cleans it so pick it up and put it in the toilet. he listened and dumped it in the toilet and he thought it was so gross he had to touch it. Then I had him flush it and I washed his hand in the kitchen sink and my son thought it was all gross so my mom told him to go in the toilet next time. I wondered if I went over the line with my parenting but my mom said I didn’t and it was good what i did. Then I had to take his pants off and throw them down the chute and I had to clean his legs up and put clean pants on him and he wanted pajama bottoms so I let him wear those.

I don’t normally do this good in social situations but i did for this shower and my mom said it was because of people I know so I felt more comfortable and last time at my shower, I felt overwhelmed like i was going to scream because it got a little loud and chaotic and it became a good thing almost no one showed up except for my sister in law and mother in law and an old friend of my parents and my uncle stayed and so did my cousin and her boyfriend so it made eight of us total. And I was nervous again lot of people wouldn’t show up and I was glad my sister in law did and my niece came, she didn’t come last time but she is older now so she came this time. My old friend cam this time and her mother. It was more calm and not noisy so I didn’t get overwhelmed.


Lying at the appointment

I had another doctor’s appointment and it was not a transfusion this time, it was my prenatal care appointment. I had to see a different doctor because my doctors are both out of town. I had to do a urine test and because I had just went when I got there, I had to wait a few minutes to go again when they gave me a cup to pee in. Then once I felt an urge again to pee, I went to the bathroom and went and then I peed a little in my pull up after I was done going. I have been doing that since high school, wetting a little in my pants after going.

Then I bring it back and wait for the doctor to come back and it’s a nurse this time and she checks my belly and measures it and hears the heart beat. I tried to hide my pull up but she noticed it when she started to fiddle with my maternity pants and called it a diaper and asked me if I was leaking. I said I was. I wasn’t going to tell her I was a DL and I like to wear them. She asked if it was little or a lot and I said a little and she asked about pads or do I like better protection. I told her I got them at Goodwill (which is the truth) and they are cheap and I am a cheap person and she said Goodwill is always a great place, she loves going there too. I also told her the baby pushes on my bladder (also the truth) and I do leak which is also the truth. I have been leaking since I had my son but it’s never been all the time or a lot. Only off and on. I remember I would walk with a dam crotch when pee would decide to drip out of me. I used to just head to the bathroom and get some toilet paper and use it to catch the drips. I could just be wearing pads only for these incidents. And my husband says I can’t lie? He says I am not good at it. I don’t think lot of people are good at it because they do get caught eventually because they forget their own details and their stories sound implausible. You have to be gullible to believe them and have to be focused on details they say about themselves. Having a bad memory is one thing and not being able to remember the details or the incident well but if they completely change their story, now that is suspect. I am not quick to call people liars. I am someone who always gives the benefit of the doubt. I am not someone who can tell when someone is lying unless it’s really that obvious. I knew my pesky neighbor was lying when he told me he always had his bike chained to the mail boxes when he would go to school. I never saw any bike chained to our mail boxes so I knew that was a lie. He went to school before me because he took the bus which was over an hour long since we lived in a small town and country and I always drove to school when I got my license so I drove to school a half hour before it started and I never saw any bike chained to our mail boxes. So that was how I knew he was full of it. That’s when I can tell because it’s that obvious.

Leaking urine is common in pregnancy anyway and having accidents. I remember seeing a thread on Babycenter about cutting in lines in restrooms when you have to go bad and someone wrote if someone cannot hold it, they should be wearing a diaper and another person called her ignorant for that. I actually agree with her. If you can’t wait in line, wear a diaper if you can’t hold it. There is no excuse for rude behavior. Some people wear them on long car rides because they cannot hold it or they wear them if they have to wait in long lines for hours and I read about people wearing them at the Times Square to watch the ball drop because they will be shut in by other people and will be there for hours and once you get out of there, it’s impossible to get back in. I also read about pilots wearing them, deep sea divers, truck drivers, students who have to take some EXAM and there will be no potty break, people who work security at night and there are no potty breaks until their break comes, some cashiers wearing them due to no breaks until break time so that means they cannot go to the bathroom, and some people wearing them on jobs where there is no potty break until break time. Not everyone can hold it because when they gotta go, they gotta go so they wear a diaper then for it. I call those people mature and responsible. Do I think this way because I like diapers?

But women on Babycenter wrote to the “ignorant” person how people will not wear a diaper because they find it humiliating. I think it’s more humiliating to have accidents and have everyone know what you did than wearing a diaper. At least no one cares about your big butt or the bulge they see and they are really not paying attention so they wouldn’t even notice you having one on. It was so tempting to write I have no problems wearing them but I didn’t want to post about my life style on there and I didn’t want to lie about my reason for wearing them.

Also I have read about some women wearing a diaper for in case their water breaks and wearing one on the way to the hospital while in labor in case their water breaks. Some others use a trash bag by putting it on the seat and sit on it. But I read in a blog it’s actually rare for it to happen before you get there, movies just make it look so common because it’s Hollywood. They always exaggerate and having a delivery is nothing like you see on TV. It’s all calm and quiet and not many people are in the room like you see in movies. I think they do it for the drama. Then another thing, after the woman has her baby, her body looks all normal again like she never even had a baby. That is true for some women in real life to but it usually doesn’t work that way for most women in the real world so count yourself lucky if you were in the minority of getting your body back in less than a month and being free from stretch marks and saggy skin and all and fitting back into your regular clothes again in no time.

And I have read about some pregnant women wearing diapers and I kept hearing in the AB/DL community it’s pretty common. I know my mom just wore a pad when she kept piddling her pants because my brother kept kicking her and it would make her leak urine. I always see a used pad at work when I clean the restrooms near the daycare and I always wonder if it’s worn by a pregnant woman or by a postpartum mother since incontinence is also common after childbirth. I don’t consider myself incontinent over leaking urine sometimes.

Holding it part 2

I woke up this morning before six and pooped in my diaper again because I felt I had to go again. Then I peed more in it and I put on a pair of plastic pants because I wasn’t sure of the diaper would leak. Poop does interfere with the diaper performance. I soaked the entire front and middle and it did leak when I decided it was time to change. I couldn’t smell a thing due to a cold I have and I took it off in the bathroom so my son wouldn’t see. We’re trying to get him to poop in the potty so the last thing he needs to see is his mom shitting herself. I took the diaper off and little bit of my poop fell on my plastic pants and I used a piece of my Hello Kitty toilet paper my cousin got me for Christmas last year and picked it up and dumped it in the toilet and I threw the diaper away in my diaper champ I took in the bathroom. Then I used a washcloth and wiped myself clean. I did smell it finally when I took off my plastic pants. I could still feel some BM in me so I sat on the toilet to try and get the rest out but couldn’t so I figured I might go again later when the pressure builds up again. Then I put on a fresh cloth diaper with two soakers and wiped the poo off the plastic pants and put those on and my pajamas again and had my breakfast and took my pills again. I always toss the used wash cloth down the chute after each use because it has poo on it so I did that before putting a fresh diaper on again. Yes the diaper did indeed leak because the outside around my legs were damp so Molicares can leak if you poop in them and don’t change it and you peed in it more.