Molicare 2

I am still in this same diaper from yesterday and it’s very wet. I have had this thing on for 18 hrs and it’s very saggy and wet from all the pee. But it sure feels nice when it’s wet and my pees weren’t very long when I wet it twice in bed. No sign of leaks either. These things don’t leak and they get saggy, smelly, and uncomfortable before they even leak because you are out of that diaper. They hold better than the ABU Sissies but they stay in place better and the stuff doesn’t fall down to the middle from the front like Molicare does. Since they last me for so long, I could just change into another one instead of into a cloth and it would last me until I get home from work when I shower and it may be very wet by then. The reason why I never got them was because of the cost and they hold too much and I don’t pee that heavily so it would be a waste of diaper because I would have to take it off before it gets full and they start to smell after a while so you have to change it.