Not wearing diapers is a pain. I always feel I have to go and then it feels I am going to wet myself. I like to air out so I went without a diaper this morning after I took my wet one off. Then I decided to put on a Molicare since they hold a lot. I wanted to see how they fit with my pregnant belly. I put rash cream on over where it felt sore and wiped my finger off and took out a Molicare. I decided to compare them to the ABU sissies and took the rest out of the package and three more Molicare and compared them and the thickness was the same. People complain about how bulky Molicare is so I put it on and they didn’t look bad. They still fit me and I pressed on the tabs so they stay sticking and then I got dressed and the thickness didn’t look bad. I still had a normal butt. Then I put on a shirt and looked myself in the mirror and I do have a diaper camel toe and it made me wonder if that is what the fussing is about. It didn’t bother me and is anyone really going to guess it’s a diaper I have on? Same as the size of my butt, people will just think I have a big butt. I will see how using it goes and I have worn them before a few times from sample packs and they never leaked on me. I could even do my morning pee in them and they wouldn’t leak. I did that with both Abena x plus and Super Plus and they both held it well when I flooded them. I could do it lying down on back or front and they wouldn’t leak. Those have been the only diapers I could do a morning pee in and not flood them they leak and get saturated. Now I don’t do morning pees anymore because they are never long like they used to be after years of wearing them. Now it’s rare when my pee is long and I do it in cloth or ABU Sissies and I always wear plastic pants over them. if I get a good night’s sleep, then my bladder fills up and then I wake up with an urge to go and I relax my muscles an feel the pee flow in my diaper to the back and it feels like a long one.

I am going to go for my walk now and get my son ready too.