None discreet shipping

Why is it that companies ship diapers and have the brand marked on the box? I ordered some Molicare Super Plus for $65 in my size and that was cheap for the brand because they usually cost more than $70 for a case of 56. I just ordered some yesterday when I first got up because I was down to my last pack of ABU Sissies and they are out of stock on their website and I am not pre ordering and then waiting for my order if they change the shipping date again. Someone on ADISC said it took them a year to get their order. I pre ordered last time and they were delayed but I got them a month later and I had other diapers to wear fortunately like Wellness briefs and Active Plus but this time all I have are the cheap brands so I got Molicare than playing the waiting game again with ABU because they had them on pre order and I don’t trust their estimate shipping date.

But today they came and Fed Ex was just arriving when my mother and I were leaving out of our driveway to get the cabinets for our bathroom. Then we come home after we got them and got some groceries and my mom was handing me stuff from the bathroom cupboard we keep some food and kitchen stuff in and I was putting it in the garage in the boxes and I notice a big box and it said Molicare on it and I pushed it aside. I was surprised they already came and the company I bought them from is all the way in New Jersey. I wonder how they shipped them so fast. They must do over night delivery.

Do I have a problem with none discreet shipping? No. Our house is behind bushes and hard to see from the road and no one ever comes to our door and my parents know I wear them so I don’t need to be embarrassed about it if it says the brand on the box. But ABU does discreet shipping because it arrives in a plain box. But darn, I think anyone who orders diapers would expect discreet shipping but because my parents know I wear them and no other people live with us but my husband and my son and me, I don’t have to worry about it. But just imagine if my brother came over and there was a box sitting by the door and it had the brand name on it? That would be embarrassing but the box is out in the garage now and I doubt he would go in and look at all the boxes and read the labels on them. But I don’t have to order them often and my brother doesn’t come over all the time and when he does, there is never a box sitting out.