I bought the green diaper on ebay and it looked a lot like my son’s because his is also green. But the adult one is a pocket one while his was all in one. It came with a soaker and I added in a diaper to make it thicker and i wore it all day yesterday before work and got it soaked. I did pee through the fabric so I had on plastic pants for it. I could tell it came all the way from the UK because of the word nappy on the tag and I bought it from someone who lives all the way in Pennsylvania so it was imported from overseas. I wish I knew where I could buy more of these but I also want to get a AIO cloth diaper sometime. Couple of my cloth diapers have already gotten small on me because of my belly. I know they will fit me again after I have the baby. I wonder if the green one will still fit me after I have the baby because it fits me so good and it said it fits waist 30-45 and I am a 27 pre pregnancy but I always go by hip size and it was a 35 1/2 pre pregnancy and now it’s 37.

If I wasn’t so uptight about money, I would buy a lot more cloth diapers and the Fabine disposables that cost over 200 bucks for a case of 80 plus shipping which will be close to $300. But I am always cheap, frugal my mother in law calls it. But I needed more cloth diapers and plastic pants so I got a few pairs and one cloth diaper.

You can get inexpensive adult plastic pants from ebay sellers, renxiaoqing999, ych_1970 (his store is Adult baby_ych), angelinazy, and hann1214. The shipping is inexpensive too and free. There is also mommy’s-baby-pants and they are also inexpensive but more expensive but the pair I had didn’t last me long because they ripped when my husband pulled them off me to change my diaper and I was upset about it. I feel the plastic is too weak and can easily be torn. Thus the reason why I don’t like to spend a lot of them and they never last me more than a year when I wear them all the time because they get stiff and uncomfortable and become painful to wear. They seem to get stiff nonetheless even if I don’t use detergent and I used other peoples advise how they they wash them and make them last and for me, no better results. Ones I bought last summer are starting to get stiff but they still feel fine to wear. They aren’t too stiff and then the plastic becomes brittle after a while and cracks. Couple of my other cloth diapers are starting to wear out too because I see a little rip next to the velcro and I don’t even use bleach or fabric softener so I know it’s time for more and they stop absorbing much so I use baby old flat cloth diapers as soakers that were my son’s. But the good thing about them still is you don’t have to buy them every month. You can rewash them so many times until they start to wear out and that saves you more money than on disposables.