I have never been into sex the same way as everyone else nor have I never been into it a lot. I don’t need lot of it and I can live without it. People have never accepted this about me and have treated me like I am broken because they shove it in my face and tell me things like I need to find ways to enjoy it or find what turns me on and on Dailydiapers someone suggests it may be hormonal level and general physical and psychological health. Ugh. People like this piss me off so I put him on ignore. What is it with rude posts lately people have been posting to me? Okay he has been the second person now this month. But what is happening here?

I didn’t start to desire sex or get into it until I was 19 and yes men online told me then I would never find someone if I don’t like it or do lot of the icky things I call it. They would also give me a hard time about it and try and shove it in my face. I only like penis in vaginas. The rest just grosses me out and I have tried anus sex and I don’t like it, accept it people. It’s uncomfortable. I have tried doggy style, I don’t like it, accept it people. I also never tolerated wet and sticky skin from sweat and I never like people touching me none sexually if they have sweat on them. I don’t like how it feels so therefore it bothers me during sex too so my husband and I wear clothes during sex, accept it people (may be sensory related). I never liked porn with sex in it. My mom is the same way about sex. She doesn’t want to hear about it or talk about it or see it but she does have it with my father. I don’t know how often and I don’t know what they do during it, I have never asked and never will because it’s not my business.

I am 28 and I still feel the same way about sex as I did when I was younger. It hasn’t changed. I am not broken and I don’t need to be fixed so shut up.

I am not sure what to call it when people are intolerant towards people who are like me about sex, oh gray-a. That is what I am so gray-a phobics they are. But even asexuals get lot of flak too and also get treated like they are broken. My husband doesn’t understand either. :sigh:

I posted links on the forum about gray-a’s and asexuals for awareness. Homosexuals used to be treated like they are broken and some have even gone into counseling for it thinking they can be fixed but they have come a long ways to be accepted but unfortunately homophobia still exists. I think asexuals still have long ways to go and people like me. Maybe some day they will be accepted too but of course asexualphobia and gray-aphobia will still exist like homophobia still does.

EDIT: I found out there is already a word for it, acephobic.