My first diaper chafing

I think I finally got my first one. I am pregnant so many that has something to do with it since my skin may be more sensitive. I have a rash on the outside of my buttocks down low and now it’s formed on the other side in the same spot. I decided to let those spots air out by not having the diaper touch those spots and keep my plastic pants off so they can air out. The diaper can’t be getting too small because my waist size and hips are not even past 40 inches yet and not even close to being 44 inches around so the diapers aren’t even close to getting small and my belly just sticks out of them. Plus I wore my medium diapers throughout my last pregnancy and I got no rashes or chaffing but I only wore them at night then so perhaps my skin didn’t get the chance to get irritated because I had plenty of time for my skin to air out during the day. I thought at first it was the plastic pants being too worn out so they were stiff and irritating my skin but now I know it’s the chaffing that is doing it. The pants aren’t that stiff so they don’t feel uncomfortable yet around my bare skin where my legs are. I also have been using Desitin on my rashes and trying to let my rashes air out before work even if it means running to the toilet every few minutes or half hour when I feel the urge and I have to push it out because I am diaper trained.

But I wonder how the heck this happened, it started this weekend and I was wearing cloth. It’s right below my buttocks where the skin is where my butt cheeks may rub my legs. So right now I am making sure my diaper isn’t touching that area and it’s pulled away from there so that area can air out and no plastic pants and I am sitting on an under pad. But man this is my first one ever.


3 thoughts on “My first diaper chafing

  1. I am having the same problem. What was the cure for you? I got some non steroid cream from the doc but it burns and after a week hasn’t helped much. I have switched to tighty whities for work but diaper up at nite. Also airing out alot too.

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