No I won’t publish my work

So I have been writing since 6th grade and it started out with fanfiction when I was obsessed with 101 Dalmatians and it went onto my original ideas and created Natalie here:

I wrote those when I was 15-17 in my bedroom, in the car, at school, at the job core campus, in a restaurant, in a hotel room in Spokane and yeah the characters had evolved because they have developed and changed over time.

I had also written other diaper stories when I was 17 and 18 and I did baby in the League when I was 19 and never finished it. Baby in the League was a fanfiction story and I make fun of Kit and her childish behavior when her whole team decides to regress her into a baby since she was acting like one. I have done Benny and Joon. Why won’t I publish them, copy right issues. I put in real movies and video games and stores and I don’t want to face any lawsuits or have to change names to avoid copyright so I will only post them online and have people read them for free. Also I am afraid of publishing companies rejecting my stories. Tons of them get rejected for different reasons so I prefer ebooks but that is still publishing them and making money and I don’t want to deal with any lawsuits.

I just write for fun and don’t make any money off it for two reasons.


One thought on “No I won’t publish my work

  1. That is such a shame! Because your first story about “Incontinent Natalie, Natalie versus Veronica”, would make an ideal book for the age bracket 15 – 25 because it explains how an autistic person thinks, feels and reacts so very well! You do not have to worry about copyright issues as that is the job of the Publisher, they will go through one’s book and advise about where changes would be needed or necessary, that is the job and worry of a Publisher!

    I do wish that some day in the future, you will reconsider your decision to not publish because I sat up all of Friday night to read it through, all of Natalie versus Veronica, as it is such a gripping tale! And I am certain, positive, confident, serious about it when I say that most people would also be captivated by your story if they had a chance to read it. “Incontinent Natalie, Natalie versus Veronica” is such a great story that it deserves to be read by many, many more people than those who chance upon it like I did.

    Please? Say that you will at least think about publishing it some time in the future?

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