No I won’t publish my work

So I have been writing since 6th grade and it started out with fanfiction when I was obsessed with 101 Dalmatians and it went onto my original ideas and created Natalie here:

I wrote those when I was 15-17 in my bedroom, in the car, at school, at the job core campus, in a restaurant, in a hotel room in Spokane and yeah the characters had evolved because they have developed and changed over time.

I had also written other diaper stories when I was 17 and 18 and I did baby in the League when I was 19 and never finished it. Baby in the League was a fanfiction story and I make fun of Kit and her childish behavior when her whole team decides to regress her into a baby since she was acting like one. I have done Benny and Joon. Why won’t I publish them, copy right issues. I put in real movies and video games and stores and I don’t want to face any lawsuits or have to change names to avoid copyright so I will only post them online and have people read them for free. Also I am afraid of publishing companies rejecting my stories. Tons of them get rejected for different reasons so I prefer ebooks but that is still publishing them and making money and I don’t want to deal with any lawsuits.

I just write for fun and don’t make any money off it for two reasons.


I changed in front of my mother

Mom and I went out on Saturday and she refused to leave my room. She asked me if I wanted her to leave and I said yes and she told me she knows I wear diapers and it’s part of me so it’s okay. I knew then I would have to get undressed in front of her, strip to my diaper, change it and then put clothes on. But she spent most of her time talking to my son not really looking at me while I changed and got dressed and she asked me if I think me wearing them confuses him and I said I don’t know.

I don’t know honestly if it does or not. He has been toilet trained for a month now and he loves his underwear and doesn’t want to wear a diaper when I try and put one on him for bed. He wets the bed sometimes and I had to strip my bed the other night because he had an accident and it woke him up so I had to pull the sheets and mattress cover off and put a towel over the wet spot and put him on it and he went back to sleep. I decided he was going to be protected at night so he won’t wet the bed and get it on the mattress. He also does not like poop on his butt or being wet so he will take them off. he has been constipated so he leaks stool and it’s in his butt hole and it gets on his underwear. I keep telling him what food will help him poop and he refuses to eat it.

So Mom and I went out leaving my son home with his dad and i don’t know how many times I used my diaper that day. I know I went a lot and it lasted me until evening.

The next day, we went out again and this time we brought our son along so he can have an outing and I got my husband a birthday present for his birthday I had forgotten about. Luckily he wasn’t mad at me for forgetting. Mom did catch me putting a diaper on when she opened my bedroom door to ask me something which i couldn’t think and answer because I was too busy getting ready to go and couldn’t focus and get ready at the same time. I couldn’t shift.

Diapers are becoming the norm in my home where my parents don’t say anything about it and they have become just like my underwear. She even suggested I wear disposables instead of cloth because they stink. I wear them to save money and I wear disposables to work and out in public because cloth is bulky. I am trying to give them a good rinse after washing them once by re washing them to get all the suds out so they won’t smell when I pee. I will do a rinse cycle, then wash them, re wash them without soap and then put them in the dryer.