My review on Wellness Breifs Superio

I got them in the mail on Wednesday after waiting a month to try them. I ordered a sample last month but they never came so I tried again and I got them in two days. I put one on yesterday when I got up for the day and the diapers looked a lot like Active Ultra briefs. They felt different and the tabs were different too and they have a plastic landing like old baby diapers did when they were plastic in the days. They held a good amount and I wore it to work too but had to change unfortunately because I was starting to leak and it was sagging because it got bunched up in the middle. I am wearing another one today and they feel very comfortable until they get too wet, then they start to bunch and sag. This one isn’t wet enough so I will see if the same thing happens again like it did in the last one.

Update: They bunched up again when they got too wet but they didn’t leak. I would say I like the Wellness Briefs better.

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