Just a calm rant

I haven’t updated in a while and I feel really angry and frustrated right now. 


I do not like violent people. There is no excuse for it. It makes me angry when people try and excuse it and make the victim to be the bad guy and people act like they have no right to suffer and be a victim because the abuser is autistic. All abusers have issues and so do people who abuse kids. They have issues with anger or issues from their past and no one ever excuses it or feels sympathy for them when they do the abuse but if they are autistic, they get sympathy and people are on their side and act like it’s okay for them to do. 

I have also noticed people seem to believe parents can’t get abused by their children. They always make the parents to be the bad guys and the abuser to be the victim because they are a child. People don’t even care if the kid is the size of an adult or if they have sent their parent into ER and who cares if they abuse their siblings. They did make a movie for Lifetime called Dangerous Child and they had a number at the end for parents to call for help if they are in that situation. I think that movie was to show how parents can get abused by their children and the 16 year old guy had anger issues so he loses control of his feelings. 

Last month a mother kelli Stapleton tried to kill her 14 year old autistic daughter. The mother has done blogs and there are many news articles about it so google it if you want more information about it. I am not up for posting sources and searching for articles and her blog to post. But she wrote how she has gone into the hospital, gotten black eyes and I saw a video on youtube about her and there was no sound and it shows her sitting with three adults and she attacks them all of a sudden. I felt less sympathy for her because I do not like abusers and then I was on bratfree board and I saw a thread about the incident and I click on it and I felt angry all over again because it mentioned she also abused her little sister and I felt even more less sympathy. I feel angry people out there do not care she did abuse and she abused her little sister. The father got some of it too at the end of the day but kelli got it mostly since she was always around. 

I have noticed with abusers, when they do violence, no one tries to justify it. Everyone makes them the bad guy and a monster but when the abuser talks, they make themselves sound like a victim. They have issues, they think the victim provokes them to do the abuse and they won’t stop but yet if the person has autism, people on the spectrum assume they must be getting abused so they are doing abuse for self defense but no one says that about anyone else who does abuse. 

When wives shoot their abusive husbands, do people get mad at the woman about it and think she should rot in hell? This is how I see the Kelli Stapleton case. 

I have done violence before like throwing things and hitting but  I never sent anyone to ER but I have left bruises and I tried to have ODD because I knew a kid with it, I’ll call him Frankie, and he always abused his mother and manipulated her by hitting her and screaming at her and breaking things to get his way and she feared him. I saw how he always got his way and all he had to do was be mean and violent so I decided to have ODD to get my way so I started to do the same to my parents so my life would be easier and calmer because things would be going my way. But then after a month, mom told me she would send me away if I hit her again. I then said I wish I was autistic so I could get my way and she said “No you wouldn’t” and I asked her what if I was violent and she said she would still send me away if I was that bad so I could get help. She told me she has a right to be safe in her own home. She also told me if she had foster kids and they were bullying us and stealing things, they would also send them to another foster care because my brothers and I have every right to be safe in our own home. 

I used to think people had to put up with abuse if the person had a disability or a mental illness but I realized in high school people didn’t need to put up with it and my therapist, I will call him Corin, told me if you want to live out in the real world, you have to be held responsible for your actions, if you are unable to be responsible for them, then you can;t be in the real world and you would have to be locked away in a hospital. So that is how I feel about violent kids. Parents have every right to be safe in their own home and so do their other children.

So I started to hate Frankie due to me being jealous and not finding it fair he got his way and I don’t and then I started to loathe him and despise him when I found out he chopped up my parents hammock and acted like our old neighbor when we lived in Washington. Then I found out two months later he kept throwing the ax at my brothers and their friends. Frankie has been hospitalized more than once I don’t know how many times. He did go a month without being violent and then he started to go back to his old ways because he was not getting his way. Today he is in his early twenties and I haven’t seen him in 12 years and I don’t know what he is like today like if he is nice now and no longer violent or if he still is. I have never tried finding out or bother looking him up because I don’t want to get myself all upset and angry. I don’t know what I will find. he also took pride in bullying others and hurting other kids and teachers, including special needs kids. Even my ex boyfriend knew him and he told me what a bastard he was because he was always trying to pick a fight with him so after a while he just started to pick him up and toss him on the floor for self defense. He was a lot bigger than Frankie. They both went to the same school because it was a special school. He also had a history of violence but he was never violent towards me and I never saw him be violent to anyone but my mom feared he would be at me eventually because of his history. I can see she doesn’t trust anyone nor want anything to do with them if they have been violent in the past because she thinks they could go back to it again. Right when I hear someone has ODD, I want them to stay the hell away from me and my child and away from my home I never want to be their friend. Same as for conduct disorder and behavior disruptive disorder. I don’t want any violent kids or people near me. I wouldn’t want Issy near my kid either or in my home. 

Why is it okay to think adult abusers, rapists, sex offenders, pedophiles should all be locked away but whenever I think violent kids should be locked away, people hate this opinion I express. I don’t think people think children can be abusers and they always think oh they must be getting abused, oh the parents must be provoking it. Come on, the kid can be psychopaths, they are not always innocent. Even experts have studied killers about if they are born evil or not or born to kill and mention The Bad Seed and the God Son for example even though those movies were made up and not based on a true story. 

There was a mother who posted about kids being violent and it took after the sandy shooting and she said they’re all our children and she had a picture of her son and changed his name but dumb of her to still post a photo of him. She talked about his violence and I knew if I were him, Mom would have hospitalized me for her own safety and my family. If that kid lived near me, I wouldn’t even want him near my house or want my kid near him and tell him to stay away from him because he is dangerous and show him the blog. People who live near that child will know who he is and way to affect his life mamma. Or maybe she was just trying to warn others so they will stay away from her son, who knows. 

Every time I hear about a violent kid, I feel angry and sorry for the whole family and I remember Frankie and all those feelings come back and they get worse when people stick up for the abuser so sometimes I go onto my rants and rages about it. 

Just a sick world we live in. 

I maybe better start staying out of those threads about the Issy and Kelly Stapleton case and any thing about it or else I will just get angry all over again so the reason for this blog entry. 


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