My mother

My mother took me out for my birthday and she had a pack of Depends in her car. She said she had them for her patients because their families don’t always have money to get more so she has them to give them a few until they can get more and what they get is all what they get, not the whole package.

Mom saw me with a pack of diapers I bought from Goodwill and she asked me where do i find them at. It was complicated to say because it varies. They usually keep it with housewares stuff or craft stuff and with other junk on the shelf. I told her I saw another pack at another Goodwill but they weren’t the right size and if I would have known she wanted some for work, I would have showed them to her. She asked me how much they cost there and I said under five bucks a pack.

Her work company doesn’t provide diapers but they provide wipes and the family has to buy the diapers and not all of them always have money to get more so she decided to keep some with her. I decided next time we go hitting second hand stores together, if I see any diapers, let my mother know and see if she wants to buy them for her patients and tell her whenever she sees diapers in thrift stores, keep buying them and it doesn’t hurt to be stocked up with them and have her whole back seat filled with them.

For some strange reason when she saw I got diapers again, she sounded critical because of her sighing and saying “oh man.”

Mom is so confusing and weird, she has acted accepting and open about it and then she sounded critical all of a sudden as if she wants me to stop doing it or did I misread her? I can read some body language and my vibes also tell me. I had a vibe she was being critical even though she wasn’t really showing it but her sighing and saying “Oh man” was a give away.

But yet last time before that, she seemed okay with it because she was telling me “I can sure find my adult products there on discount.”


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