Excuses excuses excuses

I notice how we always find a reason why we wear diapers and do it. We always try and justify it.

We wear them to relieve stress or because we had a crappy childhood and so on. Well to be honest, if we really say why we do diapers for these reasons, then our parents or someone is going to think getting counseling to help deal with our past is so we wouldn’t need diapers any more or think if we get counseling to help deal with the stress will make it go away.  Or they try and help us find another way to relieve stress. Then when those get resolved, now what? We will still be doing it so what’s our next excuse? They will also be expecting us to be over it and may be pissed we’re still doing it.

People may act accepting at first only because they think it can be fixed so they can put up with it until the issue is resolved after we give them our excuses like bad childhood or being bullied growing up, not having a childhood, etc. because then they would try and help us so we won’t have to do it simply because they don’t like it but put up with it so they will try and fix it.Then after it’s fixed and resolved, they will expect us to be done with it. But when we don’t stop, they quit accepting it and tell us ‘enough” and are all of a sudden bothered by it.

I am done saying my reason for wearing diapers is because I hate getting older or I want to feel young inside or maybe my past has something to do with it or I am depressed so they make me happy. I do it because I like it and I feel happier in them and I feel they’re part of me. It’s not going away, I will always like them so nothing could my parents do or anyone to make me lose interest in them and not ever do it again. I will always like them and it’s not going away so no more excuses and justifying it. I mean it’s never going to go away so why even try and justify it? It’s just going to mislead our partners and parents and make them think they can get rid of it once they resolve an issue they think is causing it like if we get over our childhood and resolve it and move on, we won’t feel the need to do diapers anymore or if they think they can help us with our stress and deal with it, we won’t feel the need to put on a diaper.

My parents tried getting it out of me when I was twelve and all I did was buried it and went to AB/DL sites. Now I say i don’t need to be fixed. It’s who I am, just a part of it. Do people try and justify why they are gay or transgender or straight or bisexual? No. So why with diapers?


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