“You smell like piss”

This was the comment I got today when i got off the train after work. I got off and i heard some guy say “You smell like piss.” I turned and looked and he was looking at me smiling. I said “Huh?” and kept on walking.

I was dry and had not wet my diaper once. It was still fresh and clean. I just had a dry day. I didn’t wipe my bottom when I changed into a clean diaper before work so maybe he just has a good sense of smell. But since it was at the train stop, maybe he thought it was me that smelled like piss because the shelter there always smells like piss. It could have been a coincidence. I asked my husband when I got home if I smelled like piss and he said no. I told him some man said I smelled like it and he asked me if it was at the train stop and I said yes. He told me maybe he smelled it there and thought it was me. I wanted to ask my mother too but I didn’t feel comfortable. I still don’t like to suck her into my lifestyle.


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