Boatride in diapers

I can’t remember when I last rode on a motor boat. My parents got one as a down payment from someone who was buying a piece of their land they were selling. Basically my parents got it for free. They kept it stored here in Montana in the big garage on their land. Today was the first time I rode it maybe since 1994 when I can last remember being on one. It was very chilly riding on it and despite it being warm out, it’s cold when you ride it. My son had his swim trunks on and  a life jacket and I should have kept his diaper on but I thought he was going swimming, not riding. But he enjoyed it. Everyone had on their swim clothes and I didn’t. I could just take of my wet diaper that is still mostly dry and waste it or to use later (yuck) or skip out on swimming. I may take it off later just to go water skiing or water tubing. But the water is so cold ad I hear it’s supposed to be 100 tomorrow so maybe tomorrow I will just wear a pull up and not have to worry about wasting diapers. Good thing I am not incontinent. I would have to get my diaper wet and risk having it explode in the lake or on the boat.


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