One more day

Another nice day out. I emptied the trash in my son’s room and the bathroom, I washed the floors and upstairs, I washed my sheets, finished drying my diapers, pretty soon I will have to empty out my diaper pail for tomorrow. No way am I going for my walk because it’s too hot out. I should have done it early this morning before ten.

My mom also found my cloth diaper in the tub and informed me about it this morning. At first I thought she was talking abut the disposable in the wastebasket so I told it it came from my husband and then she said she saw it in the tub. Then I realized she meant that diaper and I had totally forgotten about it. This time I wasn’t embarrassed about it and I told her I didn’t men for her to see it and I forgot it was there. Mom told me it didn’t bother her and she was telling me so I wouldn’t leave it there for the house sitter to see. We are having my brother’s roommate come stay at our house because that is the only way my husband will come. He is worried about people breaking in because we wouldn’t be here. But I would have seen the diaper anyway when I shower when I get home from work. I also packed more pull ups in my bag and some more things and I remembered to pack another pair of my plastic pants and my son’s socks. I still have a few more things to put in there. I also have to remember to move my diaper pail to the basement.

I am so excited for the trip I am not sure how long I will be gone for. I found out I don’t have to come back the same day as my parents.


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