Going on a trip

I am looking forward to this weekend. The whole family is going to Montana for a little reunion because my grandmother died in February so we are holding a memorial service for her. I am a little nervous because I will be wearing diapers and my aunt and uncle will be there, cousin, my gay uncles, my mom’s brother and his friend may be there. I wonder how we will all fit in the lake house, it only has three bedrooms. I hope I get the bedroom. I will keep lot of my diapers in the car and only keep a few inside with me hidden. My brother is staying at his common wife’s parents’ house with their child and my other brother is going to try and make it out for one day so I am not worried about them.

I started packing today and I packed my clothes and our son’s and I brought my diapers out to the car and stuck them in the trunk and got the car seat ready. I had to raise the head rest and strap the seat back in trying to make it tight. I also packed some other items like video games and cords and music and cassette tapes for my son. My husband just got the desktop installed on our laptop we got at a yard sale and it plays movies. My parents had already started packing too and I cleaned my room today for house sitters.


Wearing 24/7, people are bound to find out and chances are they may not say anything and if they do, I will just tell them I have developed a problem and plain diapers get boring so why not get ones with prints on them? Panties have prints so why not get diapers with it too?

I have AB Sissy diapers I bought and I got a whole case of them. I have only worn two so far and I was saving them for this trip. I hope I brought enough diapers and I go through about three a day so I counted and figured I would need three packs. Plus I can always wear pull ups too and you can find those in any stores. if I run out, I will always buy some there. I am also bringing plastic pants for leaks. I also will be bringing a air freshener and I have two trash bags packed for my used diapers. I am wondering how I will dispose my diapers. I am sure they have outside trash cans and my parents know I wear them and I am sure they will help me out and my husband. I hope my mother won’t be critical again like she was last time when we went to Mexico. I kept my diapers hidden and had tons of plastic bags with to dispose my used diaper in so my brothers and their friends wouldn’t see. But the housekeepers down there are annoying, they throw anything away like your water and I accidentally left out my pack of Huggies wipes and they tossed those out. So we had to remember to put stuff in drawers and in the fridge so they wouldn’t toss out stuff and food and drinks. It was so ridiculous, it wouldn’t have happened here in the states.


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