Diaper limitation

I reached a limitation with my diapers. Mom and I were out this weekend shopping and we looked in stores we have never looked in and we even visited the downtown area. We were at Goodwill and I found a nice two piece swim suit that has never been worn. Only thing dumb about it is they charged each piece instead of together so it made it ten eight bucks. I only tried the top on because there was no way I could try on the bottoms with my diaper on an take it off and try it on. Mom told me it would definitely fit. Thanks to my boobs shrinking, I can wear two piece now. They are just inflated and sag and it doesn’t bother me because bras hold them up.


One thought on “Diaper limitation

  1. I think I would have made you try on the bikini even with your diapers on. 24/7 means 24/7 in my house. Perhaps you should have been made to just purchase the top of the bikini since you already have bottoms that you should be wearing…

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