The PC police have struck again

Another off topic post. I just saw something online and I want to rant. I was on The Shape of a Mother and it’s a website for postpartum women to get their confidence back about their bodies.

Someone wrote an entry and she wrote:

Before I got pregnant I’ve seen many pictures of post partum bellies and I was worried that after my pregnancy my own belly will be ugly and pouchy and the skin strechmarked and saggy, but just a few days after delivery my body surprised me – I never expected I’ll look good, but now I’m very happy about my looks

Some women got offended with the words ugly and pouchy and stretchmarked and saggy. Someone else wrote in their reply:

Also about 90% of people have stretchmarks on their body so why do so many people think it is ugly or weird? How is this even possible? Do they also dislike themselves because most likely they are a part of the population with stretchmarks


Actually just because someone dislike stretchmarks doesn’t mean they dislike the person with them. I have thought of my own stretchmarks as ugly and they were dark purple back in sixth grade and then they started fading when I was thirteen. It took them over a year for them to turn into white lines. Now they are hard to see. I have thought of my own boobs as ugly because I hated having big breasts, I have thought of my own body as ugly because I wasn’t skinny enough.

I have applied labels to myself about anything and my mom told me I am so honest with myself. Of course I am. I feels good to just admit things than lie to yourself. I also take no offense to what childfree women say about out postaprtum bodies. I think I look okay after my baby and I don’t see any changes to it except saggy breasts and they are smaller now and I am thinner and my butt got smaller too. I have noticed small purple veins on my upper legs and I am sure that came after the baby but thy are hard to see. I think of them as ugly sometimes.

I thought it was all political correctness they were doing on the website and I wonder why are people so afraid of the truth? They also lie to themselves because I will not see people say they are lazy or ignorant and I admire people when they admit to their laziness or stupidity or ignorance and especially when they say they are an asshole. They’re all honest with themselves and don’t try and find excuses.


Why do people think if someone dislikes saggy skin, stretchmarks, pouchyness, they dislike the person with it? I do not get this logic. It makes no sense. I find big boobs ugly or fat hanging out of clothes ugly, that doesn’t mean I dislike the person with those. Why would I? That would be so shallow of me. Would I even think badly of those women if I saw them before of those things? Absolutely not. I would just think “Those are ugly stretchmarks” “Ugh those things are ugly” and not think anything of the person and not hold it against them for something on their body. It never makes sense to judge someone for their boobs or stretchmarks but it never makes sense why it’s being judgmental having an opinion about stretchmarks and big boobs or pouchy skin. If you dislike it, you dislkike it. I am sure everyone has things about their bodies they dislike but don’t let it bother them. I don’t like my stretchmarks, I don’t like some of the scars I have, I don’t like my purple veins, I didn’t like having big boobs, I must be judging myself according to their logic. I have always thought these things about me are ugly. If someone else had those too, I am not going to dislike them for it or treat them any different or look down on them for it. They’re not me, it’s not my body and it doesn’t make sense to treat them different over it. Why do people assume this is what you do when you think pouchy skin or stretchmarks or saggy skin is ugly?

Natalya in the game GoldenEye would annoy me when she got in the way of me shooting or get in my way trapping me, boy I must have hated the video game then despite I would always play it. But by their logic I must have hated the game in my teens because Natalya would annoy me. I still liked her but some stuff she did was annoying. But by their logic i must have hated the character. Mom used to tell me I hated my body when I would complain about my boobs in my early teens. I stopped bitching about them when I got to age fifteen and learned to accept them because they didn’t stop cute tops from fitting me and I quit wearing long tops or loose tops to hide them. So I got to wear cute tops and not care if they showed my breasts well. Now they are smaller and I wear sport bras to hold them in place and I have two sport bras that flatten them, I even look flat chested when I lie on my back because they are so inflated. It wouldn’t offend me if someone said saggy breasts are ugly and they don’t want their breasts to sag because it’s ugly. That’s them.

People are weird creatures. I wonder if this is what it also means I think and see things different than other people do? I am sure there will be people out there who will agree with this post and see it the way I do. I think these people I described need help with their self esteem so they won’t take any offense and learn to be honest with themselves and not twist things.


One thought on “The PC police have struck again

  1. Love your blog…….. Stretch marks on a woman are a badge of honor that should be respected for without women there would be no life on this planet. You are beautiful because you are a woman and as long as the internal being of that woman is gracious, open and receptive to accepting beauty as the sum of the individual….then you will always be beautiful.

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