Battle Ground

I haven’t been up there in 15 years and this time I went. Someone from one of my autism groups was doing a party up there and he had a generator with and a flat screen TV, PS3, games and his laptop and he had a emulator on it. We all brought food and about seven of us were there. I brought pop and goldfish colored crackers. I stopped at the store and got some before heading up to a sales tax state. Of course when I called my drinks pop, the 20 year old aspie corrects me saying it’s not pop lol. Darn aspies, we all want to be exact and it’s a habit to call it pop when it’s in a pop can. It was Light Minute Maid Lemonade. Just like how we will say to roll down our window when really we just push a button for the window to go down. We don’t roll it down but it’s a habit because back then you had to turn the handle to roll it down before automatic window openers started appearing in cars. Teachers will also call marker boards the chalkboard or how they would call the greenboards a blackboard before it became chalkboard and some people thought it was political correctness because they thought black people would be offended by the word.

I walked around at the park and the playground had not changed in 23 years. It was more fun when I was a kid but this time it didn’t seem as fun. That is because I am older. I also went down to the lake and saw a huge sign in the sand saying “No children under age four in the water” and that was something new. Maybe it has to do with the diapers and what if a kid is still in them at age four or five, what if a special needs child is still in them? Are they not allowed in the water either? What about incontinent people? The place hadn’t changed much and I forgot they had restrooms down by the lake. I also walked around the lake for the very first time and not many people were there. I did see campers there, lot of them and we hung out at one of the canopies and then around seven we moved to the campsite the leader rented and we watched Cloverfield until the movie froze and we had a campfire. The adventure I had there during the movie is I sprung a leak. I didn’t have a big one but my Wellness Brief leaked when I wet it. They are supposed to hold a lot but it was defective i think. I had small spots on the bench and I headed to the bathrooms to change and they didn’t have trash cans in there and there were two people in there. They had the trash can right outside the door. But they did have sanitary napkin holders. Thank god for being a woman. So I headed back to the site and sat down and was on my computer some more I had brought with. Then I decided screw it and headed back to the restrooms to change because if I peed again, I would have leaked more and I didn’t want that. So I changed and there were people in there and I rolled the diaper up and put it in the holder and it barely fit. I put on the clean diaper standing without leaning against the stall. Then I take the whole thing out of the holder and toss it away outside in the trash and wash my hands. It was an adventure I had changing and I wonder if people knew what I was doing in the stall. You could hear the tabs coming off. Then I was back at the camp site and we roasted marshmallows and hotdogs.

Then around 9:15PM I headed home. The town seems conjoined now because on the way there I saw how there were houses and buildings built in between the towns from where I live and the place has grown. I would even consider the town as part of the area I live in but there are still farm fields and trees and forests. It just seems like you never leave the town. Plus the town had grown. More houses, and more buildings, they even have a movie theater now. I should go back up there with my son next time and have him play in the sand or on the playground. Reading between the lines, I bet the sign is saying, “No peeing in the water” or why else would they not allow kids under age four in the water? As if they don’t know lot of people pee in the water when they swim. So basically they are saying “No peeing in the water.” Guilty as charged.



One thought on “Battle Ground

  1. I became a TB/DL girl at age 16 when my best friend,tina,became a bedwetter and was put into cloth diapers and plastic pants[rubberpants] by her parents for the bedwetting.i slept over at her house alot and started wearing the cloth diapers and rubber pants to bed with her.i got to liking them alot and the feeling of being like a baby.i bowwowed some of her diapers and rubber pants and started wearing them most of the time.i got pacifiers,a baby bottle,baby blankets,a bonnet and other baby stuff and started using parents went along with mw and treated me as a baby girl.i continued wearing the diapers and rubber pants and being a baby untill i was 22 and met my future husband and told him i wore diapers and rubber pants and am a baby girl and he accepted me.on my wedding day i wore a thick cloth diaper and baby print rubberpants under my gown and had a pacifier in my bridal husband supported my baby girl life and often changed my diaper.i am now 37 and still love wearing diapers and rubber pants and being baby like.i have two beautiful daughters who are 14 and 12 and both wear diapers and rubberpants most of the time and the three of us often have a ‘baby girls’ night together.

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