ABU Sissy Diapers

Mine arrived in the mail on Wednesday finally after I had pre ordered them in December. They came in a box with two suckers and a Princess wand and the diapers are thick. I put one on before work and they feel nice and soft and hold quite a bit. I wore it all night and the tabs refasten. I changed the next morning before the diaper smelled and I change into a fresh one. I wore it from morning until the next day and they held quite a lot too and then it leaks the next day so I changed. I decided I really like these and they hold more than Cushies and Super Dry Kids so I want to use these as my primary diapers. I wish I didn’t throw away the invitation code but I didn’t want to wait again so I tossed it. Now I will just wait until they become available for everyone. I will just stick with Wellness Briefs for now or Molicare Super Plus or any brand I find at Goodwill. I am still cheap so I like to buy what is on sale or inexpensive. I refuse to buy from Bambino because I do not like the prices for how much comes in the case. But I have been thinking about it. I really like prints because plain diapers get boring.


One thought on “ABU Sissy Diapers

  1. Glad to hear you like the “Sissy Diapers” from ABUniverse.

    By the way we are having an overnight at our house in Salem, on Saturday June 22nd. Go to fetlife and the Oregon Ageplayers, Littles, AB, DL for the announcement.

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