Crummy April Fools this year

So every year I like to troll online by playing pranks on internet forums or on facebook. I will post fake status and fake posts. Last year I faked a internet drama with another user and we were both attacking each other and doing funny insults  and I also pretended I became a moderator and the mods there played along with my joke. The admin saw the joke and decided to join in and make it all look real bu giving me the moderator tag. The woman who was staging the drama with me pretended to be upset I got the position and she didn’t so she was raging. I also pretended I wanted my son to be autistic so I was giving him therapy by locking him in his room and keeping minimal contact with people so he will be autistic. So I post about it online and people play along giving me fake suggestions about how to make him autistic. Some people fell for this joke and some also thought me and this other user were mad at each other and some thought I was actually a moderator. I have gotten a couple PMs from users. One of them was even from a mod. My husband was not fond of the making our son autistic prank because he said it was not funny and it could get us into trouble. Even my own mother agreed it was not a good joke. My husband told me I would have to check with him before I do a AF prank because my humor is provocative and he is worried my pranks will get us into trouble.

The year before, I pretended I got sick of my new child so i was putting him up for an adoption. People thought that was hilarious. I also pretended I was closing down my facebook account. I also put on there I was putting my kid up for an adoption.

In 2010, I pretended I was an internet troll and I had pretended to have autism all along and I said I would go on other forums and pretended to have ADD or anxiety or cerebral palsy, etc and I had Munchhausen by internet, and some fell for it and others fell for it for a few seconds. But one of them decided to believe it but I didn’t care because she was a bitch anyway and has issues and held a grudge about me because I said one time I wonder if she has an aspie fetish because she was lurking on an autism forum and was being secretive about why she was there and it was another user who suggested it and I thought yeah that makes me think so too and wonder that. I had nothing against that person, she was just too darn sensitive and had issues and what is so offensive about having an aspie fetish? I also pretended that year my husband was leaving me and taking our child and he was going to use my disability against me to get full custody.

In 2009 I pretended there was going to be a movie filmed in my neighborhood.

I have played more but I am too lazy to look on the forums to see what practical jokes i have played on facebook and on forums over the years. I think the first time I did it was in 2008 or 2009.

But this year was crummy because I didn’t have any good ones in mind. I had a whole year of planning but kept putting it off and then it snucked up on me so I had to think of one fast. I did think of doing a parody of pet ads and I was going to pretend I was getting rid of my son and he needed a new home and he will come with diapers and disposables, dishes and cups and silverware, toys, clothes, bath toys, bed set, his DVDs, books, and my husband did not want me to play this joke so I didn’t. He said it would get us into trouble. So I did lame ones like reverse text, pretending I was going to give up my diaper fetish and people fell for it, I post one of my story titles I wrote in 2000-2005 and write April Fools in the message. I post on Facebook I am going to gain 100 pounds. I thought about posting my husband being diagnosed with autism but maybe next year I will play that joke and see if I fool his family and my old school mates.

So I didn’t have any good ones in mind this year. It seems like every time I come up with something, it’s always a bad joke but others take them well and find them hilarious. I also did not play any on my parents. I did in 2011 when I told my mother I was pregnant again and I told her April Fools.

I have a whole year to plan it again and I will try and write down my ideas this time. But last year was the best April Fools ever. Just an excuse to troll and get away with it because it’s April Fools and people expect such stuff. But do it on a normal day, consequence. I didn’t see any pranks get played on the autism forum either like i did last year but maybe this was just the worst April Fools day ever, even youtube didn’t seem to have any when I went there. I always love practical jokes websites play and tricks people play on forums.  All trolling.


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