My BMX Diapers Experience part 2

I continued wearing the second one and I peed through it too after a while. So I changed and put the last one on. These seemed to be smaller than the other two because they didn’t fit as well but I still got both tabs on and it still fit around my bottom but only at the top.  I wore it all day long to the night and the tabs ripped the plastic this time when I tried taking it off and I didn’t pee through it this time. I decided to change out of it because I had wet it enough and I was ready to change. Then I changed into a Sure Comfort and these are actually good diapers. Even though they are thin, they still hold well and absorb well. I am still in the same diaper from at night because I didn’t go a lot in it and now I feel the wetness now

So what I think of BMX diapers; the tabs are sometimes refastenable and sometimes they are not because they rip the plastic. You can pee through it. I do like the design and how they have leakgaurds in them. It was definitely a big kid/small adult diaper. I am thin enough to fit into them. Now I wonder if other size small adult diapers will fit me despite that the packages say they fit up to 31 or 32 inch waist and my hips are 35 and a half inches. But the adult mediums, the tabs are close together at the top and the lower two are wide apart but they are not on the side like they were on the BMX diapers. But I liked the snugged feeling. The adult mediums aren’t as snug.

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