My BMX Diapers experience

I just got these in the mail from someone up in Canada. he was giving them away because they didn’t fit him well and I was the first to claim them so he sent them to me. Despite the bad rumors I have heard of the company that makes them, I don’t see how it’s any different than diaper companies that make Pampers or Huggies or other baby diaper products show pictures of a toddler wearing them. But yet people make a fuss about this company showing boys wearing these diapers. It’s all hypocritical and a double standard.

I was very excited these came in the mail and it was fast shipping from another country. My parents knew what was in the package and Mom patted my butt when we got back from buying my son a swing set. A nice one. I went upstairs to my husband’s room and got my package and opened it and saw it was those. They were the size of youth diapers and I wasn’t sure if they would fit but I could always use them as stuffers.

That evening after I got out of my shower, my husband put me in one and it barely fit and they were snug. He put the Hello Kitty diaper cover back on me over them and then he put on my Hello Kitty pants and Winnie the Pooh sweat shirt and put on Winnie the Pooh the movie for our son and I and he gave me Mike’s Hard lemonade in a kid’s cup. This tasted a lot better than the cranberry kind. I tasted less alcohol in this one but in the other one I tasted more of it so I didn’t enjoy the drink. With this one, I was able to chug it down and tasted very little of it. Then I felt all relaxed and felt some hot flashes I had to take off my sweat shirt. My chest also felt different too and I wasn’t sure if it was the drink or not. I also want to get drunk sometime to see what it’s like but I would have to wait until my son is at my in laws. It’s not good to get drunk around your children.

I wore this diaper all evening and wet it about five times and I peed through it. I thought it was either a defective diaper or a crappy one. So I change before going to bed and it was three in the morning. I also had mailing tape over it because I saw the plastic was ripping from the right bottom tab so I taped it and I feared the tapes would pop. It was a hassle to take off because I had to work through the tape ripping it off me. I change into a new BMX diaper and go to bed. I don’t wet it until I get out of bed again and I still have on that same diaper and so far no leaks and I haven’t peed through it yet and the tabs are sticking, no mailing tape. I also took it off when I did a number two. i couldn’t let it out in my diaper because it was difficult to push out and I was cramping and it was uncomfortable so I took it off and went but it took a few minutes for it to come out. Then I pulled the diaper back up and re taped the side again and they held. They were refastenable. I could tell this diaper could hold more so I put it back on again.

So far these diapers are good. I think the first one was defective. That is why it’s always good to have more than one diaper when you sample the brand. I shall see how good the next diaper will be too.

And it’s Easter so my in laws are here and my brother and his girlfriend and their son and my aunt and uncle. I spent most of my time outside in my pajamas watching my son while my parents cooked and my husband cleaned his room.

Happy Easter.

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