Turned down a TV role

I have always wanted to be in a movie or in a TV show and today I had my chance but i turned it down. Why?

Because it was a documentary about unique relationships and they were going to do one on infantilism. It was going to be seen in positive light they said but I just don’t want people at work or anyone who knows me know about this about me. I also have a son too and I don’t want any other kids seeing the show or else they will know about it and tease him for it. I do not want to put my son through it. Maybe they will find another couple who will take the role and will be brave to air their private life in public and take risks. I am not willing to do that. Why make my life harder?




3 thoughts on “Turned down a TV role

  1. It was probably a good idea. the reality is that society frowns on AB behaviour and you risk not just adverse reactions from friends but also the risk of social services ticking their noses in. And that is not without precedence.

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