Mom lied to me

Okay I was washing my diapers and I was going to wash them after they got through done being rinsed. But Mom was in there and she told me she is going to wash them again and I told her I was going to wash them and I just had them rinsed out is all. She told me they reek of urine and they smell up the basement and it gets in the dryer and washing machine and then all their clothes smell like pee when they wash them.

She told me when I wash them, I fill the cup half with bleach, put water in it and wait until it all dissolves. Then pour it in the washing machine and then she put regular laundry soap in it and put it on whites and washed them. She then told me I put some bleach in the bucket and fill it halfway with water so it all dissolves.

Then she told me I even stink of pee when i pee in my diapers and she is like “oh my god” and she told me like yesterday when we were taking the tree down upstairs, I smelled like pee. Was I wet. I told her probably. She asked me how many times do I pee in them before I change and I told her I didn’t know.

I wouldn’t know because I don’t pay attention and it varies. I told her I change when it gets too uncomfortable and whenever I feel wet.

Mom told me she isn’t criticizing me, she is just trying to help me so the whole basement won’t smell and neither would my diapers. I seem to take everything as criticism. I don’t know why. Must be my social issue I have with reading people and social cues.

But she told me before I have been doing a very good job so she won’t have to smell the pee and then today I find out I have been doing a horrible job because my diapers smell and I make the washing machine and dryer smell of pee and myself. I wonder if I make the bathroom smell too? I also spray air freshener whenever I smell pee when I change. Maybe she was just being polite and didn’t want to make me feel bad so she let me think I was doing a good job. How can I trust her what she says to me if she can’t be honest? She may tell me I am doing good with something when really I am not because she wants me to feel good inside and not feel bad about it. I wonder if I smell like pee when I use disposables and she is also too polite to tell me also. Next time I will tell her if she really means it or is she just saying that to be polite so I won’t feel bad. But then how will I know she is being honest when she tells me she means it?


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