Mom becoming more accepting of my little side

My mother made a comment the other day about my AB pajamas. She commented on the snaps that are in the center of the legs instead of them being on the side. She told me they looked funny and it looks like something a toddler would wear, something my son would wear. I told her they are. She said she knew that. I wonder why she was playing dumb then?  I also mentioned they are good for sex and I pointed to my crotch showing her where the penis goes in. She told me she thought I would say I undo the snaps to change my diaper and I told her no they are good use for sex. I also mentioned I just pull them down like normal pants instead of undoing the snaps. I didn’t tell her I am not fond of the snaps and they are a pain to put back together because it takes longer than pulling them down to take them off.

Then two times in a row when I have washed my diapers, I have found fabric softeners pads in the dryer with my diapers. I asked my dad who did the laundry and he said mom did. he asked me if anything was wrong and I said no and I was just wondering. I am too embarrassed to tell him you don’t use fabric softener on the diapers because they decrease the absorbancy. Then it happened again yesterday when I took them out of the dryer and I found some with them again. But I am too embarrassed to say anything about it. I suspect it’s my mother who did it and now she is drying my diapers now and putting fabric softener with them.  I admit the diapers do feel nice but I am not sure if the absorbancy is the same.  I can feel the pee spread into it more when I go.

Just because she is accepting it more doesn’t mean I can start flaunting it now. I won’t walk around in them only or expect her to wash my diapers for me and take them upstairs for me. I won’t do the same for my dad either. I would still be embarrassed if she caught me in them.  She came to my room the other day and she was right out the door when I opened it. Good thing I stripped butt naked because if I kept the diaper on, she would have seen me in it and it would have been even more embarrassing.


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