Sick Christmas

I finally caught the flu from my son while seeing Skyfall with my parents. I told my mother after the movie I hope I was not getting sick and she told me I ate too much Snowcaps. But that evening I throw up and my mom offers to put my son to bed for me. I throw up about five more times at night but it’s all dry vomit. I got no sleep because I got myself so overtired.

Then morning comes and it’s Christmas. My son is feeling better by then so he opens presents and we were going to have my grandmother over but because I was sick, dad had to call and tell them he would not be bringing her over here. Then later in the day, dad gets sick and he throws up. I nap that day with my son and then Christmas dinner comes and only mom and my husband ate. Our son barely ate anything.

Then night time comes and right after midnight, my son throws up again so I had to strip the bed and take it down to the laundry room, toss the pillow cases down the laundry chute, toss his pajamas down there too. I even washed his hair and body to get the puke off. Then I lie some towels on the bed and lie him on there and I sit with the computer. I am up for three hours and he never throws up again. But I heard my husband getting sick so he was throwing up all night too.

I don’t go back to sleep until my son is sleep and I slept on the couch again.

Then morning comes and mom has gotten sick. I am the only one better and so is my son but I had to call in sick so I could take care of him and reschedule his appointment.

This was one interesting Christmas we had. Everyone was sick around this holiday but we still managed to open presents. We just had lot of food left over that was for Christmas meal. I still have no appetite an d it’s already Friday. I have been constipated so that is probably why. Food isn’t on my mind. I hope fiber pills will help me go.


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