Sick Child

My son is sick and he has not thrown up since he under three months of age which was normal at that age. All infants vomit and spit up because their intestines are not well developed yet so they puke or spit up. Well I put him to bed and I read him a story. He lets me finish it and he usually doesn’t let me finish. Then I lied down with him and few minutes later, he throws up. I get out of bed and he throws up on his rug that belonged to my brothers when they were little. Then he gets some on the carpet. I shout that my son threw up. I totally froze and didn’t know what to do. I waited a few minutes and yell for help. Mom yells back I have my husband so I yell at him to help me. My dad comes up and cleans up the mess and I take off my shirt and toss it down the chute. he got some on me and he even got some in my hair too so I showered with my son to clean him up. My husband told me to get him in his pajamas and give him to him.

After I get out of the shower, I put the diaper back on my son and put on a different sleep and hand him to my husband. I do rest of the cleaning up in his room by spraying some spot removing on the rug and carpet and use a damp rag and wipe it clean. Then I go to my room and get on the computer. Then my husband calls me again saying our son threw up. He got it all over the bed so my husband had to strip it and take them down to the basement. My son just lies on the rug in my room and I play a show for him on Netflix. I do get a kettle for him to puke in. Then he stands up and then he vomits again except this time it was like spit. So I hold the kettle in front of his face and have him throw up in there. I rub him and tell him what a good boy he is for getting it in there.

Only pro thing about this is he is so quiet and mellow and not hyper. I wish he was this easy.

Then after the show ends, I put him on my bed and I place underpads under him and I sit down next to him and rub his head as I do the computer. No different than my grandma sitting in the rocking chair reading as I lie in bed when I was five years old sick with the flu. She also had the kettle and the towel in there and I would throw up in there and she take it to the bathroom and dump it in the toilet and rinse it out and flush the toilet and bring it back to my room.

My son didn’t eat much luckily so he isn’t throwing up when he starts to gag. Only spit comes out. He got some on himself and in his hair and is lying on top of his mess but I will give him a bath in the morning. Hopefully he will feel better by then and will be done throwing up. He won’t use the kettle and I have to hold him over it and he tries to get away and he does it without screaming, another pro of being sick. So I decided he can throw up on the bed and I will clean him up. I have it protected from his mess and the sleeping bag can be washed and so can his blanket. I will be sleeping on the couch tonight while my son has my whole bed. He is sick and I don’t want puke on me. He wakes up to puke every time which is just drool coming out since he barely had anything to eat. I hear him move and I look at him and when he gets up a little, that is my cue he is about to vomit.

But I wonder how he got sick anyway? Right before Christmas.


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