The joys of wearing diapers as a parent

I am reading a thread at Babycenter about things that suck about being a mom. I noticed that mothers can’t pee in peace anymore nor can they get any privacy because their kids want to be with them or talk to them through the door or bang on it to get in. Also this one mother posted how her daughter is sitting on the toilet waiting to pee because she is getting potty trained and the mother has to go but can’t and it’s the only bathroom in the house. Also a few mothers posted how they can’t pee when they want to.

Good thing I won’t be facing these problems because I have my diapers and can just go in them. But then I would have to wait until I can change it. So I would be having the opposite problem than these mothers. Also I probably won’t be able to change my diaper alone since these mothers are saying they can’t pee or poop alone. I pretty much do change my diaper around my son and I am trying to break that habit but it’s still hard to get a diaper alone and then go to the bathroom to change. My son is mostly too busy watching TV or playing, he doesn’t even notice. But he has seen it before and would try and pull on my plastic pants or diaper. Now he hasn’t in a while. Maybe because I have taught him to not do it.



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