My mother likes the pull ups better

I wore some the next day when my brother and his girlfriend came over with their son. They came over for dinner and to watch the game on TV with my dad. They were more discreet and I could wear my outfit that was a short sweat shirt and skinny jeans. No way would I be able to wear cloth under there and they make my butt look so big so I wore the pull ups mom gave me. They fit me perfect and the other ones I have suck because they sag easily and feel big on me even though they are in my hip size range. The ones I had on are also in my hip range and say they fit up to 46 inches but they don’t seem like it. They look like the size of kid pull ups. No wonder they didn’t fit someone. The hip sizes are off.

After everyone left, mom and I were in the kitchen and I was having cheese cake. Mom commented on my “underwear” asking me if those were the ones she gave me. I looked and saw they were sticking out of my pants. I said yeah and thanked her for giving them to me. She told me she liked them better than the other ones that make it look like I have a fat ass. I told her I didn’t care anymore about my butt because no one knows what I have on under my clothes and she said “I do.”

Then yesterday I wore a thinner cloth diaper with plastic pants over them. Mom and I put up the tree in the living room and I wanted to ask her if it looks like I have a fat ass again but I was afraid it might be pushing the fetish in her face and imposing it on her so I didn’t ask. I asked my husband however and he said no. Maybe she didn’t notice and if she did, she didn’t say anything. She knows what my butt really looks like and if it’s bigger, she knows what I have on under there.


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