Anxiety season

This is what I call this time of year. Christmas is coming and it’s time for Christmas shopping soon. that means money has to be spent on gifts. Since we have had a rough year this year, we have not been saving any money for it and my husband still wants to shop for his family. I told him he would have to pick between our son and his family and mine and he told me I was being cheap. We would have to use money from our checking account just to do all this. I still want to shop for my son and I decided on a budget of $100 and that includes his birthday. His birthday is also next month and I want to get him a Cars cake. He loves that movie. I just have to try and avoid having another December baby or it’s more money being spent that month. Just lay off having sex at the end of March and April and then go back to not using protection again or go back to having it again. My husband and I aren’t really trying for another baby. We just decided if it happens, it happens so I stopped using soft cups for protection.

I also laid off the potty training because my son never peed in the potty again and there was no success in it so I gave up for now. I will try again after the holidays. If he still isn’t ready, I will wait another two months and try again. I am in no rush.


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