And this is why I don’t care what people think of me as a parent

An aspie Facebook “friend” posted this on her wall. So true.

Girl gets pregnant — people say “She’s too young/old to have a baby”

Girl considers abortion — “Babykiller”

Girl considers adoption — “Can’t believe she’s just going to give her baby away”

Girl keeps baby — “How’s she going to afford that baby??”

Girl gets welfare — “Lazy bitch”

Girl gets a job — “How can she stand to be away from her baby all day like that?”

Girl becomes SAHM — “She probably doesn’t do anything all day.”

Girl stops hanging out with friends — “She totally changed when she had that baby”

Girl goes out — “She’s always partying”

Girl wants to leave crappy bf — “Nobody knows what it means to work things out anymore”

Girl wants to stay with crappy bf — “She’s dumb.”

Girl eats burger — “Fat ass”

Girl eats salad — “Must be one of those anorexic health nuts”

Girl is overprotective of her child — “You’re acting like a psycho”

Girl lets her child play without her — “Where is this kid’s mum??”

Girl spanks her child — “Call Social Services!”

Girl refuses to spank — “Her kids are gonna be such brats”

And I will add my own:

Girl gets overwhelmed as a parent and has trouble so she hands her little one off to her in laws or parents until she gets better–“I can’t believe she handed her kid off like it was some dog.”

Girl gets overwhelmed and has trouble but she keeps her baby and keeps trying to take care of it and then she snaps so she does something stupid like shake the baby or abuses it or leaves it on the side of the road or she gets so depressed she severely neglects her baby — “Wasn’t there family around?”

So you see folks, you just can’t win. All these contradictions and Murphy’s Laws, people just can’t make up their minds so why would I care what someone thinks of my parenting choices?


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