Our new old house

We are finally in our new home. My parents came to town and they brought more stuff with them. They even brought their dog with but she took off the day they arrived. I hope we will get her back because she had no collar and I would hate if they put her to sleep. My dad went to the humane society to look for her and didn’t find her. I may have to put up signs describing her and make copies of them or make a bunch of them by hand and post them up.

Mom and I worked on putting the house together and she did see the diapers in the closet and didn’t say a word. I am still figuring out what to do with them. I may put most of them in the attic in plastic bags and only leave at least one pack and a few in my room hidden under clothes. I also moved my son’s room into his bedroom. My husband was going to keep us in one room because that is where the kids sleep and my room was basically a playroom. Mom told us he needed his own room and privacy. We were going to give him his own room eventually when he is older. So dad cleaned the carpet using the machine my mother in law loaned us. Then we let it dry over night and this morning, I took the crib apart and put it in his room. Now it looks like a real nursery, a little boy’s room. Even my toy box is in there and i was going to use it for my future child so here I am using it for him. I just need to get my toys out of there. I already packed the happy meal toys in a black trash bag and stuck it in the attic.

My husband wanted a game room and so did I but I knew it may not happen and it didn’t His bedroom is his game room and my own. I have a sitting area in my bedroom so it’s like a TV room.

My parents also got a washer and dryer and dad and his brother picked them up the next day and put them in the basement. Then dad and I went back to the apartment yesterday and we got more of my stuff and now everything is out of it except for the diaper sprayer, those door knob covers to keep toddlers from opening the doors and that huge TV entertainment center. We are going to get rid of it and my husband called every donation place and they said it be one to two weeks for them to come and get it. So we are going to try and get it out ourselves using lot of people. Dad also hired two carpet cleaners to come and clean the carpets. My husband wants our deposit back and I just wanted to walk away from it because it’s too stressful and I just want it all done now so we wouldn’t have to pay more rent for this month. Our goal is to be out of there by Monday so we can hand the keys back to the landlord and pay our final rent.

I also get to wear cloth again. I nearly put on a disposable but then I remembered we have a washer and dryer now so I can wear cloth again and save on disposables. Plus no more quarters for doing laundry.

I also don’t feel daddy’s girl 24/7 anymore because I have been to busy with the house and ever since our son came back, it has felt less. he hasn’t changed me much either, only rarely because I have been busy and he works part time. He was working full time but because of his seizures, they decided to make an exception and have him work part time so he can afford to get two new braces. But sadly he will be losing his health insurance within a month so mom decided she will pay for them because we do not have the money. All our savings went to the house and now we are broke. We have to save save save. I really do hope he will get better once he gets those braces. He better do this ASAP.

Mom even put the kitchen together and re organized it like I thought she would. But sadly not all of out stuff will fit in the kitchen so I am either going to sell it or have it in the attic. My parents also got a new thermostat and a new air conditioner. Great now we are going to be paying more in electricity so i don’t think we be saving any money because AC uses up a lot of energy. I only use it when it’s really hot out like in the 90’s and I use regular fans instead to keep cool because it’s cheaper. I don’t find it fair to pay more so I think they should pay the majority of the bill and we only pay part of it because I am not the one who wants to use AC so why should my husband and I have to pay for it? I closed the vent off in my room.


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