I hate scrappers. Someone stole the AC from our house. it was there last time my dad was there. I don’t know if it was there when I was last there. I never looked so I didn’t notice it missing until my husband said so. They probably thought the house was abandoned but at least nothing else was done to it except part of the fence is missing. We finally got the keys to the house yesterday and I started moving stuff over there. I did one trip yesterday and then packed my ca again and took the stuff over there today.

We even got the water, electricity, garbage service and gas running. All we need is to buy a shower head and put up the shower curtain. We just need a new mail box or I can try and unscrew it. It’s been nailed shut. Plus we have the mail slot in the garage door and the thing is busted. I may bring the tool kit over there tomorrow to see if I can get the screw out so it can open. I hope he mail man can just drop the mail off in the mail slot. Or leave a note on it saying to drop the mail off in the garage through the mail slot.

I spent most of my day moving so this is the first time I am on the computer today. My husband helped too. I brought back my dad’s pick up truck he left at our house and I left my car there. We loaded stuff into the back and I had the car seat with and I placed it behind the driver’s seat. It took us less than an hour to do it. Then we headed back to the house and my dad and my uncle were still there. They arrived right when I was leaving and I decided to stay and see what they brought and dad offered me his truck. Then they left to get more out of the storage unit and my husband unloaded the truck a little bit. We just had our son upstairs in the master bedroom we are using as the playroom with the toys.

Now with a car there, I bet no one else will do anything to the house because they would know someone is living there. We are not fully moved in yet. This weekend we may be sleeping there and eating there while we would still have big stuff to move out of this apartment and that be the furniture. Plus I would still have cleaning to do. I may be bringing the cleaning supplies back and forth since some floors at the house need to be washed and swept. We are tracking in dirt. I am going to see if dad will bring back any of my stuff from my old home. He is going back there on Sunday and then coming home Tuesday again.

But for a while we are going to have to be doing laundry at my aunt and uncle’s house due to having no washer and dryer. We would have to save up and get them but I am sure my parents be buying them since it’s their house too. I will be wearing disposables for a while than cloth diapers.

This is so exciting. Shame I have to go to work but thank god I only work four hours. I didn’t even go for my walk because I got my work out from moving stuff from here to our house.


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