Finally the madness is over

Yesterday, we closed on the house and it’s officially ours. Now we just have to wait for them to give us the keys. I hope they won’t slack off giving us them. My husband is going to be taking care of giving our landlord the notice we are moving out.

No more loud music below us and the neighbors be too far for us to be bothered by bass.

I am now thorough cleaning. I have cleaned the fridge and still have the freezer and the door to do and I still have to clean the cupboards and the oven. I have clean the bathroom and may need to clean it again when we move out. I will just leave the cleaning stuff here so I would have to bring it all back.

I am so excited we got the house.

Oh I also hate it when I forget to bring the movie camera or camera to take pictures of my son. We went to a birthday party today and it was just kids playing and people socializing. I just paced around and watched my son. It was great watching him playing with another baby who belong to my husband’s old middle school friend and it was his birthday. He just played in the toy car you can push a kid around in and they can also play in it themselves. My son really liked that thing. He hogged it all and acted like it was his and wouldn’t share. Then we had to leave because my husband’s feet were hurting too much.

I also checked out the house today to make sure it was locked and the house was still good and it was and also locked. Inside and out. Once we get the keys, I want to start bringing stuff over in my car.

My dad went back to his old house to help mom out and he is coming back Wednesday and the next day he will be moving stuff over to our new house. We are supposed to be getting the keys on Wednesday.


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