Son came Home

My parents finally moved to town. But mom would still have to go back home because she still has a job out there and can’t truly move out here until she gets a job lined up out here. Dad is looking for a storage unit and will be moving their furniture and stuff into it. Mom has an interview today and tomorrow.

I came home last night and my son was at my computer. He has changed so much I barely recognized him. I love how he looks now and he looks more like a toddler now and more two years old. He has a little more hair it looks like he has gotten a hair cut because it doesn’t stick up anymore. Instead of getting on the computer, I totally ignored it and went straight for my boy. I held him and then daddy gave us both baths. He cried when he got in the tub and he stopped when I held him on my lap. Daddy brought in his tablet and played Hey Arnold for us so I wouldn’t be bored.

Daddy even got him out of the tub and dried him off and put him in a diaper and got him to sleep. He is so mellow now and relaxed at night and he doesn’t put up a fuss anymore when he goes to sleep. It’s even easier to put him in his crib without him waking up. He woke up couple times at night and I had to put my computer back on the cord and put my bath robe on to cover my diaper and I went in his room and got him. I held him in my arms and rocked him and he went right back to sleep. I put him back in his crib and he did wake up but went back to sleep within seconds. The next time daddy went in his room and got him and rocked him as he was standing. I went in to check on them and he gave me our son and I went back to sleep with him on the couch.

The next day he woke up at 7:30AM. My parents say he wakes up between eight and nine but he is still on Mountain time so he got up between seven and eight instead. I gave him a banana and I tried to introduce him to the potty but he cried. I even read the potty book to him. I have the potty out for him to introduce it to him but so far he is not interested. I don’t want to push it on him. I even got my diaper changed and got dressed and got him dressed too and I took him for a walk and then brought him to the playground at school. He still wouldn’t play on the equipment so I guess he is still too young. Instead he walked around. I followed him and I am not sure how long we were there. But then I put him back in his stroller and finished my walk.

When we got back, I let him play around some more and I had my breakfast and gave him a muffin because he was hungry. I don’t know what to do with my son all day except change him and feed him and hold him and read to him. But he doesn’t always want to be read too and what do I do all day with him? So I am on the computer instead and watching him. I even had to close the windows because he was up on the couch and pushing on the window and I didn’t want him pushing on the screens he ends up falling out. I have a fan blowing so it’s not too hot.

Bad news, my husband needs to be back at work before we close on the house or else they won’t loan us the money and we won’t get the house. He does have a doctor’s appointment today and I do hope he will get back to work. They wouldn’t let him work part time because of the way the building is. But I hope they will give him his job back when he is released full time.

Bonus question: Why is it a parent failure when you are playing video games and have your baby on your chest? I am guilty of doing this as a parent. Is it a crime for a parent to keep themselves entertained when they have to hold their baby because they want to be held? I have such a short attention span so I get bored if I have to sit and do nothing. Is watching TV as you breast feed a parent failure or being on the computer? What about reading? Is it any different than sitting on a park bench reading as your kids play on the playground equipment? Perhaps my mother has done parent failure too. I just don’t see how playing a video game  as you hold your child is any different than sitting and reading a book as you watch your kids.


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