Yay he is coming home Monday

My dad is finally moving out here on Monday and my mother has an interview on Tuesday and Wednesday and then she needs to head back home and work. They are also bringing our son and he will be here when I get back. My brother will be coming along to help out with the move. I am not sure if we are getting the house or not but I hope we do or we will end up renting a home and my husband and I and our son will be living with them.

I am so excited to see my boy and I can hardly wait. I have been missing him because I want him here. I want to hold him in my arms. I want to see him play and I want to read him the potty book and try and re introducing him to his potty again. He is more ready to be toilet trained. He takes his diapers off now and even over a little pee. He even hands you a diaper when he wants to be changed. I won’t be too disappointed if he refuses to sit on the potty and even use it. Maybe if he had a cute one, he may sit on it. I also can’t wait to try his shoes on. I got him Lightning McQueen sandals and Cars shoes and two other shoes. One of them is a size 9 for when he outgrows the other pairs. Sometimes it can happen so fast, they won’t have a pair that would fit. So a bigger spare pair is good.

I am so ready to be a mother again.


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