My husband took…

My husband took me out to dinner when I got home from work on my birthday. We went to the IHOP and I had a fruit cup and two pancakes and a hash brown stack. Then he let me go diaperless when we got home because it was my birthday.

But we got another paycheck from welfare for his disability and I went out yesterday and look in the thrift stores for diapers and got a bunch. I even got pull ups too and underpads. I even got some in my size too and undergarments. I plan to use them as stuffers but I wore a size small Tena and a medium sized Wings diaper so it hold more and not leak. It was nice and thick and I peed in it six times at work. I even had to use scotch tape to tape over the hole I found in my diaper so my pants wouldn’t get wet.

I am even breastfeeding my husband and plan on doing it everyday and I decided to keep him in diapers until he returns to work. He has the appointment on the 23rd and he wants to go back to work part time. My mother recommended it so it looks good for our house we are getting. I have already changed him twice already and now it the trash needs to be taken out. I got another diaper pail for used diapers so I have one, our son has one and I have that bucket for my cloth ones. I have been using my son’s diaper champ for our used diapers and it gets full pretty fast. I also breast feed my husband in the mornings and at night and sometimes during the day. Better than using the breast pump and I love nursing him. This will help with my weight so I won’t have an eating disorder. I think I have metabolism problems because if I eat too much, my weight goes up and doesn’t go back down when I get up the next day. So it makes me not eat much. But when I was breastfeeding I could eat very well and not gain weight, I still fluctuated. Now I don’t as well anymore and I fear of getting fat because I have heard horror stories how people gain weight no matter how little they eat and their weight keeps going up up up and I don’t want that to be me so that is why I would starve myself so I can stay thin. So if my weight doesn’t drop over night, I get scared and worry I am going to get fat. Doctors keep telling me it won’t happen but I am scared. I am probably a hypochondriac. I feel I would have to walk five miles a day just to stay thin and drop three pounds over night like I used to in my teens when I ate three meals a day and had no snacks ad no seconds. I don’t want to spend all my time working out just to have a high metabolism. Plus I don’t eat much anyway because I forget to eat because I get so focused in my interests. At least that helps keep me thin and I don’t keep on losing weight for it.

I hope we get this house. We have so many diapers now, they are in our son’s room. I have no where else to put them except for under our bed. In our new house we be putting the extra diapers in the attic when we are not using them. I hope they won’t get ruined in the heat up there.

Just as long as I am the mommy, I am not forced into diapers anymore. But I keep myself in diapers because I like wearing them. I think I will keeping hitting the thrift stores maybe once a month for diapers and keep hitting them until I find some. I got over 100 yesterday. I counted them and then stopped when I realized I got more than 60 diapers. I’m also deciding if I ever see diapers in thrift stores, get them. It’s good to stock up. If we get this house they all be up in the attic. If not, I can keep them out in the garage or basement and if we have no more room for diapers, I won’t be getting more diapers. I do hope we get this house because the attic is great for putting our extra diapers. Sadly you need a ladder to get above out bedroom in the house. There is no built in ladder. I can always toss them up there too and then climb up and put them away.


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