I got to see my son again

My mom had an interview yesterday so she and dad came out Sunday and dropped him off here. I saw how much he had changed in a month. He got more hair, he had grown, he still looked the same size, not fat, his sound of voice and cries was different, his molars were grown in now, I saw his new clothes, he played more and I saw how he played with his dirt bike, he kept crawling onto my lap and then husbands and onto mine again. I was so happy to see him, I held him and kissed him. My husband thought he got a hair cut but he didn’t. I even slept with him  on the hide abed with him and he was so quiet.

Then yesterday my husband made me take him to the zoo. He said little girls like zoos so have fun with him and he made me go. I was concerned about money because I had spent enough already. I got a Hello Kitty AB outfit from someone, I got some free pull ups and had to pay shipping so I felt that was enough. But husband made me go. So I packed two of his diapers in my purse and a thing of wipes and two shorts for in case of leaks. So I took him to the zoo and was only there for three hours. I didn’t spend that much there because children 2 and under are free and I only bought snacks because it was cheaper. I tried t make him play with the fake log kids like to play in and slide down that is between two paths. But he got scared so I put him back in his stroller. I took him to a couple of petting zoos and he pet the goats and I washed his hands. I showed him the animals and I used the bathroom twice. I refused to use my diaper so he got to see his mommy use the toilet. Maybe he will think he can use the potty and still wear diapers but not use them. He even leaked badly too so I put him on the changing table and changed him and put him in clean shorts.

Then we came home after the zoo and some man told me on the train I have a lot to learn. I am not sure why he said that. I don’t know if it was meant to be criticism or if it was just a comment. He said it loud enough for me to hear but I am not sure if he meant for me to hear it. My son kept screaming on the train and I kept trying to sush him and I would not let him walk around because I didn’t want him to fall down the steps. I even told him to stop it and be quiet. Then I just let him crawl on the floor and I watched him t make sure he isn’t bothering anyone and not going down the stairs. Then that was when the young man told me I had a lot to learn. He said “You have a lot to learn lady.” Maybe he was one of those childfree folks perhaps. They always think parents have the magical power to control their kids and keep the quiet like they have switches or they think kids can never be out in public if they are screamers. I didn’t think my son would do that because he has never done it before. It’s a new phase now for him. I was hoping he stay this quiet well behaved child and not turn into a brat. But at least i was watching him and telling him to sush but even that isn’t always good enough for a childfree person. Plus I knew he was tired so we were going home and he slept for two hours. My husband had to get him to sleep and he put him in his crib. My mother in law and my sister in law both came here while I was at work so they could see him. They gave him a bath, fed him and played with him and were only here for one or two hours, then they left. David slept all night on the couch and never woke up, he did a few cries but go back to sleep. I slept with him on the couch with him in my arms and then he woke up between 8 and 9 am and acted real bratty. He would not eat what we gave him and he kept crying and screaming and he also played. Then he handed me a jar of babyfood and I fed it to him.

Then today my parents swung by and we all went to breakfast and my husband stayed home and slept because his took kept him up all night. He needs to see a dentist but has no dental insurance anymore. But our kid shrieked at the restaurant too and my mom had to take him outside and then she brought him back in and she told me when he scream, I just put my hand over his mouth, do not tell him to be quiet or else that draws more attention from people around us and disturbs them more. So I kept putting my hand over his mouth as my dad kept telling him to stop and be quiet. Then after our food came and I was done eating, mom told me to just take him and leave because he didn’t want to be here anymore and he stopped screaming when I was leaving and he was quiet on the way home. Stinker. I hope he doesn’t think if he wants to leave a place just keep shrieking and we will leave. But I went home and I let him play and I did the computer and my parents came back to get his stuff to pack in their car to go home.

Mom did make a comment about my diapers again. Mom was resting on the couch and I smelled poo and knew it was my son that did it. I changed him on the couch and I saw it was only a small ball of poo and I said he didn’t even go that much and I could just dump it in the toilet but since I didn’t buy the diapers, I don’t have to worry about wasting them. Mom told me it was not wasting them and you don’t put the same diaper back on the child and that is why he get infections down there. Then she asked me would I dump my own poo in the toilet and put my same diaper back on and I told her yes and I have done it before. She said that was disgusting and it smells. But at least I use cloth. I don’t have to worry wasting diapers. It always bugs me to change a child and their diaper is hardly used, to me it’s a waste. I wonder how on earth they afford that many diapers and I wonder how much they spend on them. I know one in three families struggle to provide diapers. But I put him in a fresh diaper and didn’t care about wasting it. Then I helped him out to their car and dad put him in his carseat. I did have my husband say good bye to him before taking him out.

It was like a birthday present of him coming out. Mine is tomorrow and damn I feel I am getting old. Twenty seven I will be. My son won’t be here for my birthday but I already had my birthday so it just be a normal day tomorrow. But next month I will see him again.

Time for my walk.


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