Get to see my son again

Mom called me this morning to tell me she has an interview out here and they want to see her in person. So she is coming out Sunday and leaving Tuesday. She is bringing my son along and will drop him off here so my husband and I can be with him and spend time with him. I am so excited to see him and she told me he has put on some weight. Got muscle in his legs, is outgrowing his 18 month clothes so mom had to get him some new ones that are 24 months. I can imagine him looking fat. FAT. He has been eating five times a day. I will also get to see how much he has grown and see how much more hair he has gotten and how much he has changed. I wonder if he will still nurse from me when he sees me? I have still been pumping. Then on Monday before I go to work, mom will be coming back to get him to bring back to my aunt and uncles place and then leave the next day. I think I will be taking pictures of him to put on facebook.


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