Messy cloth diaper

My body has been acting funny this year. I will get constipated and then I poop little bits and then I will get stomach cramps and then I have diarrhea. Then I am pooping normal again and then about a month later or two, the same thing happens again. I am constipated again and going little bits and then I poop as normal and then I get stomach cramps again and then it’s runny. Just last night I got stomach cramps again so I went a little bit in my cloth diaper and then dumped it in the toilet and tried to push the rest out. I put the diaper back on and the plastic pants and finish watching Titanic daddy put in for me. He gives me a bed time now since I can’t put myself to bed until way early in the morning. I sleep on the couch.


I get up this morning at 10:05 and I start to pump my milk and my stomach cramps get worse again and then I felt I had to go so I stood up and pushed it out and it was nice and soft and runny. I pushed as much as I could get out and then sat back down and felt the mess spread all over. It felt so nice and warm and good. No leaks either. But I bet it will be a huge mess to clean up and I don’t care. I am enjoying this messy diaper and may go again soon if the cramps come back. At least it’s not uncomfortable as last time when I went down to Mexico. I was badly constipated so I had cramps off and on and my real dad finally got me something to take for it and I was pooping like crazy and I had the runs. Whenever I get stomach cramps and fart, poop would come out. I was temporary bowel incontinent and it was not fun. Going through so many diapers and I didn’t want to waste them so I wore Goodnites so I could race to the bathroom every time I got crampy. It became a good thing I did bring diapers on that trip and I ran out on the way home and I was stupid to not pack Goodnites in my carry on bag. So I was stuck in a messy diaper from Denver all the way to Missoula, Montana. It sucked and but this time this mess feels good and maybe it’s because it’s not that runny. It is not itching my butt. It feels nice and soft this time than itchy.