Happy Father’s Day

A day without our son. He is doing good with my parents and my dad took him to the barbecue at my brother’s girlfriend’s parents place.

I went to the gay festival fair and I saw no diaper related stuff. Probably because that fetish is so rare. I did wet my diaper like five times there and I had my face painted on both sides and got some candy from booths. I even got a drink but accidentally left it at the face painting booth. I had both sides done so I could enjoy the feeling of the paint brush up against my skin. About three people commented on my dress I was wearing. I think my feet did get a little bigger during my pregnancy because the shoes I had on were too tight so they hurt my feet and made me walk slower. I am going to get rid of them. The other shoes I have still fit me and I still wear the same size. Even one person commented on my shoes. Oh never mind, it says they are a size eight and I did get them at the folk shop I used to work at. I wear size 9 1/2’s or 10’s and always have since before my pregnancy. I think I have worn the same shoe size since 5th grade.

I came home and enjoyed my wet diaper, I masturbated in it and then my husband rubbed it for me and I enjoyed the feeling. I got nothing out of it when I did it myself. I went on the computer for a little bit while my husband was visiting with his mother who was here. She came and took him to his appointment.I got upset last night when he told me he had an appointment today at 11AM and it interfered with my plans for today and I was not sure how long it take. Also the fact I had to go grocery shopping too so three things in one day was too much for me. Mom gave me a lecture about it on the phone telling me I need to be helping him and be flexible and not shut him out of my life. I don’t think she realizes how hard it is for me to be flexible sometimes. Sometimes it’s easy and sometimes it’s not. When I make a plan and someone interrupts it, it upsets me and I feel panic inside or stress and sometimes anxiety. That is why I don’t always make rigid plans because I fear something will go wrong and I will be upset and have a bad day because it be ruined. But this time I had it set in stone but yet I did something spontaneous by walking around because it was not opened yet when I arrived. But yeah mom gave me a lecture about it as if I was selfish. Does she think I just choose to be this way? Luckily I have an understanding husband but I think he coddles me too much. My parents gave me tough love so I always had to suck it up and deal with it and they didn’t give a darn if I was stressed out or upset or got anxiety. Stress gives me it and a change in my routine will do it or a change in plans. Plus it will effect my mood and I would just be cranky and not fun to be with and sometimes I just don’t want to deal with it if I can avoid it. But my husband said it was a good thing I didn’t take him because I would have gotten really upset. They made a mistake with his location so they had to wait two hours and with me having to be flexible and then this would have pushed me over the edge. I seem to have limitations in flexibility before I lose it. I don’t have restricted routines and always had them off and on my whole life. I just don’t like to be disrupted in it when I do it and I can be flexible if my husband asks me to make him a pizza but I forget off and on about it because I am so preoccupied in my interest, the computer. Okay enough of that.

My husband forced diaper changed me after his mother left. I couldn’t say no to it and I was only wet in the middle so waste of diaper. He made love to me and then he put a new ABU Cushie on me. I wet it not too long later and I made a shopping list and then I left. I wet it in the store again and I had to get things we don’t usually get; laundry soap, sugar, sausages, hamburger meat, a cake for my husband for father’s day, some Velveeta meal and it’s like hamburger helper. It went 40 bucks above our food budget because of these things. Plus I got myself some candy and sliced cheese that is wrapped in plastic in a package. Then I went home. I put the groceries away and had some sliced cheese and M&Ms. I even had to make my husband a sausage and give it to him with bread. I had a sausage myself and it taste good but I had it uncooked. Then I went on the computer and messed myself later again and wetting it. Not together of course, I wet it first and then I messed in it later. I am still in the same diaper.


One thought on “Happy Father’s Day

  1. I am glad to know you are open minded enough to attend a gay festival. I am a Trans woman who is also a psychology major and am currently doing a topic for human sexuality on ABDL folk. I would like to contact u if possible if u could be so kind to assist me. My email is Kittentimelma@aol.com my name is Leslie

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