ABU Cushies

Yesterday I went to the picnic munch and it was an AB/DL gathering. We had it in the state park and it was an hour from me. I don’t go down to the munches down there often because it’s too far away and because of the cost of gas so I do special occasions. Not many showed up and there wasn’t much food. Everyone hung around and talked and we went for a walk. I just wore my tank top and Fisher Price skirt with a diaper underneath. A guy there gave me a huge stuffed Care Bear and two pink cloth diapers. He dyed them pink. He was going to give them to someone else but she quit being an AB so she quit wearing diapers. She decided to be a slave. So I got more cloth diapers and I changed into one of them in the back seat of my car when I needed to change. It was the first time ever I changed my own diaper in my car where anyone could see me and there was hardly anyone around. If they saw me, big fucking deal. I had my doors closed and the window down in the front seat because it was hot out. Also another person there brought diapers, ABU Cushies and Super Dry Kids. He handed out ABU Cushies (two diapers each, he gave me three since I have never tried them) and only one person got Super Dry Kids because he wore large. I wanted to bring two home for my husband but I was too shy to ask. No way was I going to steal them either.

I was going to wear a Cushie today but I was too excited to wait so my husband suggested I put it on so I did. I wet it a lot and did big wettings in it too and I wet it many times lying down this morning without a problem and they are still holding and no leaks. But it smells even though they can hold more. I will put on another one when I go to the gay festival thing that is going on downtown in the park. I heard they have a few kinky booths so I want to check it out an it’s free. They might have AB/DL related stuff.

These diapers cost over $100 on the ABUniverse website for a case of 80. I am still too scared to order from there due to bad rep. I have read online from people that they wouldn’t get their shipment from them after they had ordered and now I am hearing people do get their orders now and they have more people working for them. But I am still too afraid. I like these diapers so far but shame that place is the only place to get them.


2 thoughts on “ABU Cushies

  1. I have to tell you I order from abu all the time i get cases of superdry kids and others I have ordered many times and they have been great I would recomend them highly and can not understand why anyone would be having trouble you should contact them to see but they are very professional and I get suckers with my order every time

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