They Almost Fit

My husband has lost so much weight he can almost fit into my size mediums Wellness Briefs. He wanted to try it on so he can wear it too so I made him try it on over his boxers. I will not waste a diaper or even put it on that has been worn by someone else. But it did not fit but almost. He would only be able to get one side fastened but not the other side. Just reminds me of the time when I was ten I tried on a size five Pamper and it almost fit. I could get one side done but not the other. Maybe if my husband loses another ten pounds, the diaper may fit him but it be tight.


Oh we just got the house. My dad called while I was at work and the paper just got signed and the house is our. We just have to wait now for more paper work to go through and the estimate date to move in is July 22nd. Not long after my birthday. And our son is doing well at my parents house. He is happy out there and I don’t really miss him anymore. I did but now I don’t. They can keep him as long as they want. I just keep pumping my milk to keep the supply going. He also made four big poopy diapers today. He goes days without pooping and the suddenly he will go a lot. He made two yesterday but before that, he had not gone since before he left home.