Last day with our son

My mother in law and sister in law brought him home this morning. They even brought the remaining disposables for my parents to use. Then they left and had to come back because they forgot to bring us back the car seat. I was so happy to see my boy I kept on smelling him and kissing him and holding him. I even nursed him even though I had already pumped this morning. They visited for a bit and then they left.

Then this afternoon my parents stopped by and my dad took some stuff out to their car to bring back home with them. But they left the rest of the stuff on our dining room table. They will get it tomorrow along with the high chair and baby gates and his play table and baby food and his sippy cups and silverware. Mom gave us news about the house and I found out that the lady who owned it took three light fixtures (darn it), the water fountain (don’t care), all the pots outside (don’t care), the washer and dryer (darn it), all the furniture and stuff (thank god) but the walls are dirty in some parts of the home (darn it). At least the lady didn’t do destruction to the house. But hey our apartment is in worse shape than that house because our carpets had not been cleaned since before we moved here, the closet doors keep going out of place and they are hard to open and close, the screws are coming out of our hall closet and our son’s bedroom door the holes have finally gotten too big for them to stay in. Our front door is hard to close so we have to push it close due to it being loose, we have mold on our bathroom ceiling and the floor in there needs to be replaced and so does the kitchen floor, the counter above the dishwasher is coming undone and peeling off the counter top, and we keep getting ants. I keep killing them with ant spray and we need to buy more. Plus our dryer does not dry things all the way and no way am I pay another 75 cents to dry. But that house just needs a new roof and eaves and a new laundry sink. Even the additional garage needs a new roof. My parents are hoping this will all be done by September and the worst case that can happen is not approve us. We had to go through another bank to get another loan because the government owns the place now and my parents put down an offer for $210,00 and will be borrowing $230,000 total from the bank so we can replace the roof and eaves on the house. My husband will be doing it too with them. I can’t be on it for personal reasons.

Today is our last day and night with our son so I was busy holding him all day and nursing him while my parents were here. Then they had to leave because they were going to meet up with their old friend and have dinner. Their old friend is our realtor. I do hope be in that house by Christmas. If we don’t get this house, we will go find another house to buy.

I am going to miss him. But only because I don’t know when I will be seeing him again.