The lady finall…

The lady finally called back and now my husband has to mail in the forms. He still has to finish filling them out. I hope he will do it ASAP. My dad is still sending us a check and my mother in law came by to take my husband to the appointment and she took our son with. She also wants to bring him back home for a couple of days so she can spend her last time with him before he goes away for a while to my parents.

My parents wants to bring our son out there until my husband gets better. My dad is driving out here this weekend to pick him up and bring him back home. My husband doesn’t care because he is in too much pain. I will just keep pumping my breast milk so I won’t dry up. I am also hoping I will nurse my husband more often.

That will be a lot of stuff my dad will be bringing back, all the food and diapers and his high chair and play yard, his toys and clothes and his baby shampoo and tooth brush.

I just remembered I never fed my son lunch before he left. I was going to do it but I decided to wash the dishes instead and I forgot. Luckily there is food in the diaper bag and a spoon.

Our son will get to see two new states he’s never visited before. He has been to the state above our state because I sometimes go up there for the autism group. I missed the last one because of money issues due to husband not working. We always have it at Applebee’s and we eat food there and visit.

We can always call him to hear him on the phone or get Skype so we can see him. He be gone for a little while, a month for the most unless things change like my husband still not being better by the 8th of next month. They will keep him until he is better and he is back to work. Right now we have hit a bumpy spot in life.


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