Down to my last package

While I was getting ready for work, I grab my disposable brief and see it’s the last one in the pack. I throw it away and now I am down to my last pack. Now I have to pay close attention to it because when I get down to seven diapers, we have to order more or it’s crappy diapers again until they get here.

Oh I should have bought some youth briefs at Goodwill when I saw them because they would have made great stuffers for those crappy kind we have. I bet they are gone now. They were actually a size small but they looked like youth ones. Next time I will probably do that when I see them again. They were even folded like baby diapers. They didn’t look very absorbent either but they would have made great stuffers.

The lady finall…

The lady finally called back and now my husband has to mail in the forms. He still has to finish filling them out. I hope he will do it ASAP. My dad is still sending us a check and my mother in law came by to take my husband to the appointment and she took our son with. She also wants to bring him back home for a couple of days so she can spend her last time with him before he goes away for a while to my parents.

My parents wants to bring our son out there until my husband gets better. My dad is driving out here this weekend to pick him up and bring him back home. My husband doesn’t care because he is in too much pain. I will just keep pumping my breast milk so I won’t dry up. I am also hoping I will nurse my husband more often.

That will be a lot of stuff my dad will be bringing back, all the food and diapers and his high chair and play yard, his toys and clothes and his baby shampoo and tooth brush.

I just remembered I never fed my son lunch before he left. I was going to do it but I decided to wash the dishes instead and I forgot. Luckily there is food in the diaper bag and a spoon.

Our son will get to see two new states he’s never visited before. He has been to the state above our state because I sometimes go up there for the autism group. I missed the last one because of money issues due to husband not working. We always have it at Applebee’s and we eat food there and visit.

We can always call him to hear him on the phone or get Skype so we can see him. He be gone for a little while, a month for the most unless things change like my husband still not being better by the 8th of next month. They will keep him until he is better and he is back to work. Right now we have hit a bumpy spot in life.

I feel better now

Someone just posted a mean comment about my husband which I never approved (all comments need to be approved before they show up to the public). Obviously he has not read this whole blog or else he would have known I enjoy being forced into diapers and I don’t mind the sex and that I am happily married and our relationship had improved ever since I have been forced into diapers. Also he did not know how old I was and my husband. He would also know he has been in too much pain lately to even have sex and that he hasn’t been changing me (he only has twice now). Some people just do not read thoroughly nor all of it.  It just looked like he only read that one blog by me about me being stressed out and sent me that mean comment about him. In fact I was expecting it to be a mean comment about me lol since it’s not my husband’s fault he has seizures and bad feet and that he hurt his back when he had a seizure and there I was bashing him in my rant. People are always frowned upon when they bash people who are not well and all of a sudden their feelings become unimportant because people tell them how selfish and horrible people they are for how they are feeling and how dare they be stressed out about it.  Could it have been a troll comment? Hard to say.

I don’t think I need to defend my husband because I don’t care what a stranger thinks online. I thought about sending him an email about it but I decided “why would I care what he thinks so I don’t need to defend my husband?” I think this whole blog already defends him so there. 🙂 Oh wait, he thinks I am pretending he is disabled so anything in this blog I say about him wouldn’t matter because he chooses to think my husband is normal and not disabled and thinks I am lying about it. Emailing him and defending him wouldn’t matter either. Well maybe I did just defend hm by writing all this.

Moving along now.

My husband did call that woman and left her a message twice, she never called back. He does have an appointment today on the 5th about his back. He did make me feel better after he found me in our son’s room crying. He had me sit in his lap and he hugged me and assured me everything was fine. He said we are not going paycheck to paycheck but I told him he said we were last week with my income alone. He said he was having a seizure so he was not thinking clearly. Since he contradicts himself due to not being able to think properly, I don’t know what to believe so I can’t take his word. Then he noticed I had no diaper on. He told me what a naughty girl I was and I told him I don’t care anymore what he does to me, I am too upset. He told me to get on the bed.

Thinking he was going to give me sex, I grabbed my computer and brought it in our room. Then he came in and took out a disposable diaper and he took off my pants and underwear. I lie on my side and he tells me “I am not going to punish you.” I was shocked. No punishment. I asked him why and he said “I think you have been punished enough but next time you will be” and he diapered me. I said I thought he was going to give me sex and he said “I said to lie on the bed” and I thought he was going to give me sex when he told me to lie on it. That is where the punishments always happen. But he surprised me and was nice this time. I think he was too sore to even have sex to try and make another baby so he diapered me only. Luckily I had in that soft cup as a precaution. Then he sat on the bed and pulled me over his lap and spanked me. It was what I wanted and I told him last night I wish he would spank me and pull me over his lap and he surprised me the next day. I think he did it because he knew it was what I wanted. It wasn’t bad and it didn’t hurt. I think he did like 20 swats on my butt.

I even went to work all happy and this time my husband decided to have my aunt watch our son than have his mother come out. So I called her and she said she could watch him and my husband talked to her and decided I bring him over there so it be easier for her since she had some work to do from school, (she is a special education teacher). So I packed my son’s diaper bag and some food and I brought him over there. My uncle was there but not my aunt yet. I forgot they had toys there because my Aunt has some packed in the basement from her work because she buys stuff for her class and since they already have so much of it at school, she doesn’t need to bring it all there so she has the rest packed in the basement. She brought some of it out for him to play with and played a video for him. I should have brought some extra plastic pants because he soaked those and they stunk like pee and his shorts got wet when his diaper leaked so she washed them both. So when I got there to pick him up, he was in his t shirt and  cloth diaper.

So I am feeling better now, for now. I am no longer mad at my husband nor resenting him. I think that mean comment made me realize more how much I love him and appreciate him. I did feel a little bad for all the bad things I have said about him in my other blog after he had calmed me down and told me to wake him up next time if something is bothering me. But I will leave it or else this blog will be irrelevant and won’t make any sense. Besides I have it tagged as a rant. Maybe that mean comment was a wonderful comment he left me after all. 😉


Happily diapered and all calm.