Daddy’s New Rules

Okay some of the rules have changed for me or got pointed out to me:

I am no longer allowed to change myself unless he says I can or when he is not here or in bed sleeping

I am not allowed to help him put my diaper on

I am not allowed to say no, if he tells me to do something like have sex or go out and have fun, I have to do it

I must put a diaper on right after I get out of the shower

I am not allowed to decide what diaper to put on

No exceptions, I have to wear diapers around anyone, his family, mine, everyone

I am allowed to pick my own punishments and if I pick one that is too easy or not really a punishment, the punishment I get would be worse (Edit: This rule has been lifted since it was causing me too much stress)

I Even had to Wear Diapers on Mother’s Day

It was Mother’s Day and my husband still made me wear a diaper but he made me wear a disposable than cloth. I thought he would let me go diaperless but he did not. We went out to eat when it was noon and it took us a long time to get ready, son had to have a bath, husband had to shower, I had to pick out a nice outfit to wear. I decided on the long skirt and purple tank top. I shower it to my husband and he said he couldn’t tell I had on a diaper so i kept it on.

Then we looked at yard sales after we ate (we stopped at an estate sale on the way) and my husband got me a Barbie dollhouse set and it came with another set too and it was a store set. It was all five bucks and he also got me a Strawberry shortcake doll. I even got a flat screen computer monitor for four bucks and we got my son a potty from IKEA for only a dollar. He got himself some collectable toys and some salt and pepper shakers that are now illegal, it has to do with some drug they outlawed and I don’t remember the name of the drug. He even got our son a couple of books some toys. I think we have enough kindercrap in our apartment and my family and husband hates that word but i love it. it’s hilarious and it’s a word childfree folks use for kids toys. Plus I have a dirty mouth sometimes because I say ass, and crap, shit, damn, and bitch. but I don’t wear like a sailor. I also like to say asshole and dumb ass and husband hates me talking like that around our boy. My dad said curse words when I was growing up and I didn’t go using them because mom would have slapped my mouth if I said any of those words. I once got my mouth slapped at a restaurant when I was eight for saying fuck head. She had warned me earlier that week I would get my mouth slapped next time if I say it and I forgot at the moment when I said the word. Then I remembered but too late. Slap. I actually learned that word from two of my best friends. I found out in 6th grade they both got busted by their grandfather for teaching me that word and it was very hard for my parents to get me to stop saying it. I say fuck now when it comes to sex.

Then I headed to the autism group but I was a little late because we were out looking at yard sales. I wet my diaper there four times, I did one long one but it wasn’t that long. I drank lot of water there, maybe two or three big cups because it was hot out so the group leader had pitchers of water at each table with ice in it to make it ice cold and I drank it. I hardly used my diaper before that because I only went twice and the wettings weren’t that long, more like dribbles. I did another long one when I got back. I stayed in my car and went and then got out.Water makes me go more and a lot if I drink too much. Hot days will make me do it so I wet my diapers more.


Happy Mother’s Day.

Daddy Made Me Go Out

My mother in law decided to kidnap our son (not literally, she took him home with her so I can have a break) so my husband and I had a night alone and he made me have sex and I watched Titanic. Then I showered and put my diaper back on, it wasn’t that wet so I put it on again so it wouldn’t go to waste. Yuck eh? Not for me if they are my own.

I got up close to eight since I could not get back to sleep. I wet my diaper as I got on the computer and it wasn’t a very long one. Then my dad got up and told me to go out and have fun. I refused because I had no plans so I would rather stay home and relax. He told me it was my day off from our son and I need to get out and have fun or I will get depressed. I kept telling him I didn’t want to go out and he told me he would punish me if I don’t and I said “baby girls don’t go out by themselves” and he told me his feet hurt.  Then he told me I smelled like pee very bad and I would need to shower. I argued that he can just clean me up and why do I need a bath? He told me I smelled very bad and I needed to shower. I argued with him about it telling him he can wipe me up but he said I needed to shower. Then he threatened to punish me. So I went in our room and he took the diaper off. It tore because I had mailing tape on because the tabs rip out of the plastic so I use tape to keep it snug. Some of the stuffing came out and I went in the bathroom and got in the tub and started to rinse my bottom out. Since I was refusing to shower and was only sitting in the tub and rinsing my bottom out with soap, my dad made me put the plug in and told me if I am going to do it like that, I am going to take a bath and he took my bra off. He gave me a bubble bath. I played in the tub for I am not sure for how long and then I said I was ready to get out. Dad came in and grabbed the towel and I let the water out and got out. He dried me off and I went back to our room and lied on the bed. Dad came back and told me to get a diaper so I did and he diapered me. I demanded baby powder but he told me I would be fine. I was worried about the smell and he told me I won’t smell and I want to save money right? So he uses powder only when I go to work for in case I would smell because people there know me since they see me there everyday. Then he picked out a sundress for me and dressed me up in it. Then I got ready to go. I mailed off my election ballot and waited for the bus.

When I got downtown, I was walking to an area and it was after I got off the light rail. I thought I smelled pee all of a sudden. I knew it wasn’t me because I had just been put in a fresh diaper and only used it once. I figured maybe someone around me had on a very wet diaper and it stunk badly. But the smell was gone when I walked away. I looked in some stores like Goodwill and a music store and got myself Back to the Titanic album and then I went to the huge bookstore. I mostly looked at Titanic books and got myself the book about the James Cameron movie. I even bought myself something to eat there and I used the $5 I got from winning a small lottery with a scratch card. Then I looked in a store that sold vintage toys and other stuff. Then I went to the mall and got myself some ice cream there and then I went home. I felt burned out after being gone all day so I went home. It was after three when I got back.

I was so exhausted I did not want to talk or even be disturbed and I was in a selfish mood so I refused to go get my husband a sandwich. I had just came home and wanted to relax and I felt exhausted. So he went out himself to get it. I went on the computer to relax as I pumped my milk. My son was still gone so I could still have peace. Plus I was also constipated all of a sudden when I got back so I didn’t feel well so it made me crabby. My mother in law came back with my son and then she went out to look for my husband so she can give him a ride.

Then my husband came home with his mother and I just kept snapping at him because I didn’t want to talk and I wanted to be alone. Luckily our son left me alone too because I could not even bother with him. I did nurse him though.

My mother in law stayed for a little bit and then she left and then i was finally able to make a BM and I had to get out a fan because I cannot stand being hot and pushing can make me sweat and the only way to do it is if I had cool air blowing on me so it took me about a minute to put a load in my diaper. Then I sat in it for a little bit and then decided it was time to change it because I saw a small wet spot on the couch and also the pee I kept doing was making part of my skin itch and it was starting to feel uncomfortable. But I had to wait for dad to finish his mission in the game before he could change me. He would have let me change myself but I was too stubborn so I put up with the little discomfort. Then after he was done, he changed me and put me in a cloth diaper. I put my poopy diaper in a small plastic bag and took it out to the dumpster so the apartment wouldn’t smell. I think I should start throwing my used diapers away outside from now on.

Whew , that’s it for this blog. Took me a while to write it because my son kept distracting me Also thank god for auto saved drafts because I accidentally hit the back button and I lost my work. I was about to re type this whole thing but make it shorter because i couldn’t be arsed to type it all out again. Then I remembered the drafts.

Noticing Diapers on People

I don’t really pay attention to people’s butts. I am too busy in my own world and minding my own business to even look for a diaper on someone. It just never comes to my head. But sometimes it does catch my attention. I may see a stranger and I then notice a bulge and it looks so obvious they have one on. But it’s an elderly every time. I never notice it with young people or with middle-aged people. I figure the elderlies don’t care if it’s so obvious they have one on because they have a free pass. it’s socially acceptable for them to wear a diaper.

I got off the bus last week and there was this elderly woman who was sitting across the aisle from me and she had a cane. She also looked to be in her 60’s and when she stood up, I saw the bulge in front of her sweat pants and it looked like she had on a diaper. It was hard to tell in the back and no way was I going to stand around and see or even go behind her to look. That be creepy. So I looked as she walked across the cross walk as I was walking to my work building. It was hard to tell and you can still have a butt crack with a diaper on and I was too far away and it was too bright out. Maybe it would have been easier to see if it were cloudy and rainy because it be darker.

New Desire

I do like to air my bottom out when I am getting a rash or have one already. But I don’t like to get up to use the bathroom so I hold it and I sometimes wish I can just go where I am sitting but I don’t want to pee on the furniture. I have thought for a while to get some underpads but I never got any yet. I would place them under me as I air myself out and when I have to go, i would pee where I’m sitting.

Could this be a start of a new fetish? Just like how some people get into diapers when they get too lazy to use the bathroom so they go out and get some or how some people will use them for convenience when there are no bathrooms around or because they don’t like using public restrooms and they end up enjoying their diapers they turn into DLs.

One time at the autism group, I was talking to this one guy who has the same name as my son. We were just talking and somehow we ended up on a topic where he told me he has had times where he didn’t want to go to the bathroom so he thought about wearing some diapers so he wouldn’t have to stop to take a potty break. For a moment I thought about telling him about how I like to wear diapers and use them but I decided not to. I told him instead he should try it or just pee in a bottle like some people do.

My Other Punishment

I was a bad girl again. I was feeling uncomfortable in my diaper so I took it off and cleaned myself down there and put rash cream all over and put the diaper back on. I didn’t want to change it because I didn’t want more dirty cloth diapers and it was only wet in the middle. But when I decided it was time to get my diaper changed because it was very wet, my daddy undid my shorts and took off my plastic pants and the diaper and saw the rash cream all over my bottom. He said “You changed yourself” and he told me I was not supposed to do that and I was a bad girl so now I am going to get punished. He gave me anus sex. I hated it. He also told me I need to go to him if my skin starts to feel uncomfortable and I am not allowed to take off my diapers unless he says I can and when he isn’t here.

After the torture I got rediapered. Then when it was shower time, I had to ask my dad for permission to take my diaper off to shower and he told me to go ahead.

After I was done showering, my husband was up again because he was in too much pain to even go to sleep. I decided to test him again. Since I needed to air my bottom out, I grabbed my pajamas and put them on leaving the diaper off. My daddy didn’t say anything about it. I was like this for at least an hour and I have even gone in our bedroom a few times and he didn’t say a word about me not wearing. Was he letting me not wear one or was he not aware? was I getting away with it? When he came out to use the bathroom, I asked him if he noticed anything different about me. He said “no, why?” and I asked him to feel me down there. He did and gasped and said I was going to be punished. I grabbed my clean diaper and plastic pants and left the bedroom. He decided to go to bed and try and get our son to sleep. I kept the diaper off and continued using the computer until my dad called my name.

I went in our room and he told me it was time for little girls to go to sleep and to lay with him and to turn off the lights out here and my computer. I did that and came back in. My dad cuddled with me and then he felt my bottom and gasped again and told me “Where is your diaper, you are a bad girl and will be punished.”

I grabbed my diaper and put it on and the plastic pants and put my pajamas back on. But it didn’t get me out of the punishment so it was pointless putting on the diaper. But dad told me the punishment would have been worse if I kept it off.

Because I was washing our diapers, dad let me stay up to take care of it because he didn’t realize I was washing diapers in the basement. He said he would make me go to bed early another time. I was a bad girl again by using the potty because I didn’t want to feel uncomfortable in my diaper. Then right before going to bed I decided to start wetting my diaper since my bottom has aired out enough. But this morning I took it off and cleaned myself down there and put on rash cream and put the diaper back on. I never got caught because the rash cream was gone by then and it was all in my diaper.

Today when my dad go home from work (he came home early because he told his boss he had a seizure in the shower and he got sent home for it so he won’t be telling them anymore when he has had a seizure at home) I went in the room to get my diaper changed and it was around noon because I was stinging down there and I wanted him take care of it. So he took off my pants and plastic pants and removed the diaper. He then cuddled up with me and then he gave me my punishment for what I did last night. I had to be on top because I hate anus sex. I was allowed to watch the deleted scenes from Titanic and I had to go up and down and I did it slowly. I had to take my shirt off and keep my arms out so I wouldn’t feel my skin in my arm pits touching each other. I had to have my pants in my legs where they bent so I wouldn’t feel the skin touching each other either. Luckily my husband cummed and then he started to hump himself in me while I was on top and then I turned myself around while he was still inside me and he nursed from my boobs emptying them out. Our sex lasted the whole entire deleted scenes which was 45 minutes long and he said this was normal sex. Titanic kept me busy so I wasn’t bored. He cummed inside me twice and my bottom aired out.

Then when it was time to diaper me, he put rash cream on me down there and put me in a disposable since i would be going to work in a few hours and these things hold a lot. He then dressed me in my baby outfit I had on over the weekend.

I just need to not make my husband catch me with no diaper on next time. I don’t want to suffer worse punishments.

The Test

I tested my father and he is really serious. Unfortunately he was able to move because he was not in that much pain. I go in our bedroom and I start getting ready for work I take off my wet diaper and put it in the bucket and then I grabbed my panties. My husband moved his chair and grabs them from me and I throw them at the bed. I clean myself up with baby wipes and then I grab my panties again and my husband gets up and grabs them from me. He pins me on the bed and I keep trying to get up but he keeps pushing me down on the bed and wouldn’t let me leave. He then has sex with me.

Then after that he diapers me and gives me a bottle with milk in it and said I was now five months, younger than our son and he was going to call me in sick and make me go to bed early. Then he decided to be nice and let me go to work and not make me go to bed early. Now I know I can get him to change his mind if I beg but he told me he can be mean if he wants to be. I am afraid of that being true so I may not dare to test him to see if I can make him be mean. He also rubbed my diaper as he gave me my bottle.

Stuck in diapers